Nelson shares experience on having two children in the Army


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

 Physical Education teacher Richard Nelson has two sons that chose very interesting paths in life. Two of Nelson’s children were given many opportunities after they graduated from Troy Athens High School. Each of them went to college for one year on full academic scholarships and then decided to then join the army.

  Nelson’s oldest son, Jacob, is in charge of the armory, so he signs in and out everything, meaning he is in charge of multi-millions of dollars of equipment.

  Nelson mentioned, “He is a part of the inventory, which it is a very high stress job, but he can handle it.”

  Nelson’s middle son, Derek, is an army ranger, which takes one of the toughest training courses that a soldier can volunteer for. Army rangers have to be experts at leading soldiers into some very intense and difficult missions. They must perform rigorous training to the point of exhaustion, pushing the limits of their bodies and minds.

  To have two children in such important positions in the army is very nerve racking.

  Nelson stated, “I am still nervous for them everyday. It is hard to deal with knowing that your children are training in such dangerous conditions and that they are off in the middle of a war. It’s scary to think about and there are definitely sleepless nights.”

  Neither of Nelson’s kids regret the decision they made to go into the army. He is very proud that they have become so successful and enjoy what they do in life.

  For a student that might want to continue on a similar path Nelson suggested, “Investigate all of your options, and make sure it is something that you definitely want to do. Pick something that really interests you and that you are really passionate about. See if that would give you a relatable skill for a future job once you get out of combat.”