Lakeview’s view on global warming


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

   Many people do not know that our Earth is in danger. In Michigan, it is freezing cold some days and sunny and warm the next. People are dealing with snow in the middle of April, when they are supposed to be preparing for summer. These changes in the weather are just the start. The earth is being affected by global warming.

  Global warming is the Earth’s unusually rapid increase in temperature. It is caused by greenhouse gases released from burning fossil fuels, or gas exghost and other pollutants.

   Many people, like President Trump, do not believe in global warming, and others do not know what it is.

  Mckenna Connel, ‘20 said, “People might not believe in global warming because they can’t see any immediate changes around them. They could also be in denial because they don’t want to feel the heat (no pun intended) for being a main part in global warming. The same goes for people who don’t want to change the way they live their lives for the sake of the planet (recycling, reducing, etc. is too difficult in their minds).”

  Global warming is not just affecting the people on Earth, but it is also affecting the animals here too. The North Pole is melting due to global warming, and there is over 235 different species living there.

  Jessica Schneider, ‘20 stated, “Global warming is not only hurting us, but animals who haven’t done anything to contribute to it.”

  There are some simple things you can do to help slow down global warming. When people reduce, reuse, and recycle they are decreasing global warming little by little. If everyone puts in their part they can help stop global warming.

  Mary Holton, ‘20 explained, “I try to ride my bike wherever I go without getting rides from people with cars, and I try to use eco-friendly products.”

  Schneider suggested,  “I try not to use plastic water bottles and I also do not eat beef because the methane from the cow farms is a huge contributor to global warming.”

  The process to slow down global warming is going to be a long, hard road. If the economy continues the way they are, the world will not be able to handle it. People need to learn to respect their planet and do the best they can to help.