Joya McGhee-Henry chosen as March’s Student of the Month

Emily Costa, Staff Writer

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   Student of the month is a title to be proud of. Every month, a student is picked randomly from names of the nominated. Usually students who are known for going above and beyond are the ones expected to receive such awards.

  Student of the Month is not about just recognizing students with a 4.0 gpa, it’s about recognizing their work ethic and compassion in school.

    Any student is capable to receive the title of Student of the Month, although being a good student is stressful, they just have to show their effort and improvement through school. They may or may not be recognized!

  Many teachers have different, unique expectations for qualities they look for in students to nominate them.

     This March, Joya McGhee-Henry, ‘20, was nominated by Algebra IIA teacher; Amy Beach.

      Beach stated, “ Joya is always going above and beyond with her work.”

    Mac-Henry has worked hard since the day she walked into the halls of Lakeview. She took freshman year a lot more seriously than most of the students in her grade, allowing her to be successful the rest of her high school career.

  When the parents of the student of the month found out their child had received this recognition, they were ecstatic. They knew they had a wonderful daughter, and she was an outstanding student.

  Any student at Lakeview has the chance to be student of the month, you do not have to have the best of grades like how some people assume you win the award. There are other ways to win such as, making a turn around, being consistent, having a positive attitude, and making efforts to succeed.


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Joya McGhee-Henry chosen as March’s Student of the Month