Fortnite making major improvements

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Fortnite making major improvements

Abby Haas, Editor

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  If you thought being able to play Fortnite on your gaming console was as good as it got, you were wrong. Creator of Fortnite (Epic Games) recently released Fortnite Mobile in early March, so gamers can now battle on the go.

  Fortnite is a video game where the appearance of a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear. Gamers have various missions on maps to collect resources, build forts around defensive objectives that are meant to help fight the storm and protect survivors. The overall object of the game is to kill off everyone and be the last man standing.  

  When players are fighting in a battle, they can choose to either play “solo,” in a “duo,” or with a “squad.”

  Junior, Zach Johnson stated, “Playing with a squad is the most fun. You can play with more friends and it makes the game more hype when you get good kills.”

  Junior, Showgo Yoshida agreed with Johnson; he stated, “Squad is the best for sure. Me, Chad, Jayvon & Brendan are the dream team, and best out of everyone.”

  Although having the option to play Fortnite on gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox, Epic Games wanted to offer students Mobile Gaming. This now gives Fortnite-addicts the option to play whenever and wherever they want.

  Fortnite Mobile is a popular free-to-play mode for the multiplayer game. Users on iOS can sign up to receive invites into an early version of the game. As long as players receive the special code, they can play on their phones and tablets the same way they do regularly.

  Johnson continued, “Playing mobile is cool when I don’t have the chance to play on my Xbox, but I definitely prefer playing on my Xbox better.”

  With Fortnite constantly making improvements and upgrades to their gaming platforms and maps, players are always eager to see what Epic Games has to offer next. Jake Belmore stated, “Fortnite will always be the greatest game ever made.”  




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