Lakeview orchestra takes on festival

Lakeview orchestra takes on festival

Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

   On Friday, March. 2 Lakeview orchestra had one of their most important concerts of the year. The orchestra worked very hard for this concert, and it was a great experience for them to go through. This was Lakeview’s first time hosting festival and it definitely gave them the “home game advantage.”   

  For festival, scoring a 1 is the best, 2 is good, and 3 is okay. Lakeview’s concert orchestra performed and scored a 2 from all three judges, a 1 in sight reading, and a 2 for their overall performance, and Lakeview’s symphonia orchestra received the same.

  First chair first violin Madison Demski, ‘20 said, “I think people could have applied themselves more and took risks with their playing by feeling the music instead of reading it. We all could improve in areas, and it is always stressful having to learn new pieces and how to play them. For me as a section leader, I make it my job to teach everyone how to play songs correctly and keep them in tune.”

  The judges gave the orchestra some very helpful comments and techniques to follow to improve their playing. Jenna Dell, ‘20 helped the orchestra out in preparation for this concert and she was by their side the entire time. Dell stated,

  “We did good except that we weren’t playing to our fullest. We could have improved on intonation, on our dynamics, and we could have played the music more musically rather than having no emotion.”

  Orchestra director Lisa Payne worked very hard in preparation for this concert. She teaches all the orchestra classes for Lakeview Public Schools. Payne mentioned,

  “Orchestra festival went well, We had actual string judges, who judge a little bit harder, than band judges. I liked it here because we were in our own auditorium, giving us a little bit of an advantage. Overall the concert went fine.”

  Overall orchestra festival went very well and the class is satisfied with their scores and performance. The class is now preparing for their end of the year concert, The Spring String Thing.