If faculty could feel fame…

Rachel Barber, Staff Writer

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   “When I grow up, I want to be famous!” said almost every child ever. Now that Lakeview teachers are grown up, they have certain celebrities in mind that give them inspiration.

  Math teacher Sue Culver, of course, is like an angel. She is inspired by those who do good. She said, “I wish I could be like Mother Teresa. I just like to help people, it makes me feel good. It’s almost selfish!” Only Mrs. Culver would think helping people is selfish. I’ve never met a woman more pure.

  Other teachers wish to be a certain famous person for the sole reason of understanding their thoughts. English teacher Brian Burnett stated, to no surprise, “I’d be Shakespeare so that I can ask myself all the questions I’ve ever wanted to know. I really want to know if all of his work was his own or if other people were involved. How did he know so much?” Burnett surely does question weird things, like the mind of Shakespeare.

  Some teachers lust for the look of a celebrity. English teacher Nicole Roberson said, “I’d be George Clooney. He’s super cute!” That 56-year-old man must have something special if a female in her mid-twenties would choose to look like him!

  Automotive teacher Jim Schneider would enjoy the thrill. He stated, “I’d be Clint Eastwood, but like, Clint Eastwood in his hairy age. He was a bad man!”

  Teacher David Oster is known for advising students to have clarity. We all have wondered where that even comes from. If he could be anybody famous, he’d be Fulton Sheen. He said, “I’d be Fulton Sheen because he had clarity about knowledge leading to wisdom leading to the truth.”
  Some teachers enjoy their lack of fame, and value their friendships more. Coaches Patrick Threet and Steven Nicholl said if they could be anyone, they would be each other. How touching!

  Teachers around Lakeview each had a different opinion on who they would want to be if they could have a moment of fame, whether it be for the looks or the knowledge.  

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If faculty could feel fame…