Going “Green” in spite of the circumstances

Charlotte Bachelor, Editor-in-Chief

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  After the news broke of the horrific abuses of over 150 young women faced at the hands of former Michigan State and USA Olympics team doctor, Dr. Larry Nassar, myself along with students who just recently committed to Michigan State University were left with a difficult choice: defer our enrollment or still plan on attending MSU in the fall despite current circumstances. I chose the latter.

  However, my commitment to the university does not mean I support how they handled the matter. I believe that Michigan State University, more specifically President Emeritus Lou Anna Simon and former athletic director, Mark Hollis should’ve taken more action to stop the abuse early on. By ignoring victims and sweeping their concerns under the rug, MSU is just as guilty as Nassar. The university’s actions show their complicity with rape culture that is so prevalent in college athletics. It boggles my mind that universities, as a whole, are more concerned with their image and revenue than the well-being of the general public.

  Noted, while the Nassar scandal is one the largest sexual abuse scandals to break in college sports, it’s not the only one. Therefore, sexual abuse shouldn’t be seen just as an MSU problem; but a college sports problem. From the 2011 Jerry Sandusky scandal which uncovered abuse going back to the 1970’s, to the ongoing Baylor University Scandal, in which former head coach, Art Briles, was removed after it was found he covered up sexual assaults committed by his players, it is proven that complicity with sexual assault is rampant throughout collegiate athletics.. Again, this is not an MSU issue, but a college sports issue. This is what happens when we say we care about victims of sexual assault, but take no action; an endless cycle of abuse.

  So, there we have it: students outraged, prospective freshman afraid to enroll. But, it seems that we’ve forgotten one group that’s in a unique position: alumni.

  I sat down and talked to three Lakeview teachers who are State alumni: history teacher, Emmanuel Haratsaris; chemistry teacher, Kristine Hill; and business/computer teacher, Nick Spano to get their perspectives on the situation.

  All three shared their initial reactions, and disdain with how the university dealt with the situation.

  “My initial reaction to the Larry Nassar scandal was horrified. Everything I read, and saw in respect to Larry Nassar lead me to believe the university cared more about its’ reputation than the safety of some of these victims,” said Spano.

  “I was very surprised that something like this happened at Michigan State. It’s obviously a college with a very good reputation. I’m disappointed that they allowed something like this to happen; and that signs were ignored. There were obviously things brought to their attention that they should have taken action on,” stated Hill.

  “I wasn’t happy. I thought that they dealt with it pretty poorly as a whole, I was also very embarrassed to be tied to the university,” commented Haratsaris.

    They also gave their advice to prospective students who are on the fence about attending State this fall.

   “I think that a student should pursue what they think is right. But I don’t think it should be painted you should never go to State because, it’s a haven for sexual assault. If you want to go there, it’s still a great place to go and you can have a wonderful experience,” commented Spano.

   “No, I don’t think so. I don’t blame them if they were to do so, but I think you’re going to find problems at any university,” said Haratsaris.

   “I don’t think anyone should defer enrollment or change their minds’ about going to Michigan State. If anything, it’s brought attention and people are being held accountable right now. I think things will improve moving forward,” stated Hill.

    With that in mind, all seems very bleak. There still seems to be no reason why I (or anyone in their right mind), would want to go to a university that in essence enabled someone to abuse young girls. My answer is simple: those people don’t represent Michigan State. The 500 students, staff, and members of the community that came together on Jan 26. to march on the administration building represent Michigan State.

     Haratsaris agrees.

   “It’s poor judgement on a handful of people that were involved, but tying it to everyone at the university is incorrect. I always say leadership has to take responsibility and accountability,” stated Haratsaris.  



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Hi I’m Charlotte Bachelor. I’m currently a junior here at Lakeview, and I love writing and music. I hope to someday use both of those passions to start my own music magazine. Currently, I run my own alternative music blog along with some hobby photography work I do. I also really love dogs and have three of them. When I’m not taking care of my dogs or working on my own blog, I’m writing for the Lakeview Husky or reading.

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Going “Green” in spite of the circumstances