Tracy Kalinowski wins teacher of the year

Emily Costa, Staff Writer

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   Math teacher Tracy Kalinowski was selected as Lakeview High School’s Teacher of the Year for 2018. According to the students and staff, she was selected due to her work ethic and relationship with the students.

  When the teacher of the year is selected, teachers vote for one of their peers, the teacher with the most votes is awarded with the title of ‘Teacher of the Year’. Teachers acknowledged and voted for Kalinowski because of how she is dedicated to her students and is able to adapt to any learning level. Kalinowski goes the extra mile for her students. She has taken up AP Stats in the last couple years which has expanded her teaching repertoire

   “Mrs. Kalinowski from day one has gotten better every single year and she keeps doing a tremendous job for the kids,” said principal of Lakeview High, Scott kapla

  As a mathematics teacher, Kalinowski finds that working caringly with her students brings better results. Students have loved the way she teaches and interacts so much that students have come back to her for different classes – classes some students weren’t interested in.

  “I always have pretty good relationships with students and I will have a lot of students that will come back and stay in contact with me, or choose to take classes they don’t like later on because I am the teacher of it,” Kalinowski stated.

  “She is always willing to stay after school has ended and basically go the extra mile for students. She’s always has a welcoming and fun-loving attitude; students are attracted to that and enjoy being in her class,” Kapla said

 “I always get a lot of compliments when working with special ed students,  so I would understand how I would get more votes from special ed teachers,” informed Kalinowski.

 “What happens every year is Mr. Paulson, Ms. VanPeeren, Ms. Kress, Mr. Haberek, Ms. Huber, and myself all go surprise them. We show up with flowers. The look on her face was priceless,” Kapla laughed

“I knew exactly what was happening right away so I got excited, none of the class knew what was happening and I started to cry- still my class had no idea what was going on,” Kalinowski said.

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Tracy Kalinowski wins teacher of the year