Senior takes title of student of the month

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Senior takes title of student of the month

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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   Winning an award is always a great accomplishment, especially when you are being recognized for you hard work.

  Lakeview teachers nominate students who they think are working hard for their education. Out of those nominees, one student is selected, and awarded student of the month.

  English Teacher, Nicole Roberson explained how the process of student of the month works.

  Roberson voiced, “Each month the whole staff is given the opportunity to nominate a student who has been outstanding, whether that’s academically, or socially, or just a student who deserves to be recognized.”

  The nominees for February were Lina Hanna ‘21, Steven Meloche ‘21, Marisa Perez ‘18, Alexis Neff ‘21, Trevor Mrowczynski ‘19, and Josiah Stump ‘19.

  Roberson also described how the winner is decided.

  “Once they are nominated, we have a committee that looks at all the nominations, and then chooses one student to receive the award,” revealed Roberson.

  For February, senior, Marisa Perez was chosen. She was nominated by science teacher, Kristen Wetzel. Most seniors have a difficult time staying productive during their last year of high school,  but Perez has still worked to her full potential.

  She found out that she won when she was called down to the principal’s office, and Principal Scott Kapla told her the news.

  Perez puts a lot of effort in school and wants to gain the most out of her education.

  “I push myself to do my best in school because I want to go to a great college and get scholarships,” explained Perez.

  She not only attends Lakeview but has classes at Butcher: a school for math, science and technology. This requires Perez to commit to a lot of extra work and put more dedication into her learning.  

  Although she knows that she is a hard worker, this award was totally unexpected.

  Perez stated, “I did not expect to win at all. I had no idea I was even nominated this year.”

  She had been nominated before, but this was her first time winning the official title. It’s very special because it’s her senior year, so all the work she has done throughout high school has payed off.  

  To reward them even more, Lakeview also provides the winner of student of the month with a free Jimmy John’s lunch.

  Since Perez has proved that she is a great student, she offers advice to other students looking to succeed.

  “Always do your best in every class. The amount of success you have is directly related to the amount of effort you put in,” suggested Perez.

  Any student at Lakeview is capable of being nominated for this award. They just need to show their teachers that they are willing to put in the work to improve their education. Being a good student doesn’t come easy. It comes with stress, struggles, and a lot of studying. As long as you work towards your goals, you will succeed.


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