Lakeview’s opinions on teachers carrying weapons in school


Jaden Lawler, Staff Writer

   On Feb. 14, 17 innocent lives of students from Stoneman Douglas High School were taken due to a school shooting. Since this tragedy happened, President Donald Trump proposed  that some teachers should carry guns on them during the school day. Many of the teachers and students have very strong opinions about whether or not they should have to carry a legal gun on them.

  Stephanie Givinsky, physics teacher, had a strong opinion about the situation.

  “I wouldn’t want the responsibility to carry a gun, and I don’t think I could be trained enough to have the mental stability to carry a gun around this many people. If police officers aren’t expected to teach physics then why should a physics teacher be expected to act like a police officer; it’s not fair to me or the students. It’s not my job to carry a gun,”  Givinisky shared

  Many of the teachers had the same reaction to this proposal as Givinsky did. Some teachers like chemistry teacher, Steven Nicholl, who is  licensed to carry a gun still agrees that schools  are not the place for teachers to carry.

 “I don’t think it’s the place for anyone to bring a gun besides law enforcement. I’m a gun-advocate, I own weapons, I fire weapons, I hunt, I target practice, and there’s no way I would have a gun in school – I just don’t think it’s my place.” Nicholl responded.

  Students want to feel safe going to school. One student looks at teachers having guns in a different perspective.

  Brock Wenberg, ‘19 said that he would feel comfortable if teachers had guns during the school day in case anything were to happen.

  “If they got enough backgrounds checks to have a gun. I would feel safe if my teachers had gun with them during the school day,” Wenberg said.

  Some students feel like if teachers do carry guns it would cause more problems than fix problems. They do not feel like it would be a good idea because it could potentially be more dangerous, and easier for students to access guns.

  Jessica VanDerMass, ‘19 feels differently about teachers being able to carry guns with them.

  “I feel that if we allow teachers access to guns to defend students if a situation were to happen, I feel like it would give other students better access to get something that could hurt us. I think it would create more caos.”

  Many teachers feel the same way about this subject. Many of them are uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a gun during the school day, and wouldn’t want to be responsible for something like that. They want to be able to protect their students, but in a different manner.