Blurred Opinions perform at Ireland’s Pub

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Blurred Opinions perform at Ireland’s Pub

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

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   The band formerly known as Current Situation has changed their name once again. But, this is not the only big news. The band was proud to announce that they were set to perform at Ireland’s Pub Friday, Feb. 23.

  When asked about their new name, singer and guitarist Nick Rzeppa, ‘20, said, “It’s been something we’ve been thinking about for a while. We wanted to go with something a little more serious, as we were called a Dad band, which personally isn’t too offensive, as it’s the music we play.”

  The set list included songs like Old Apartment, Satisfaction, Wonderwall, Solsbury Hill, The Chain, Wagon Wheel, Sweet Caroline, and Yoko Ono.

  This set is much different than that of previous performances as it is greatly diversified. In the past, Current Situation played mostly rock songs, featuring artists like Sublime, BareNaked Ladies, and The Who. Occasionally, the band would feature other songs like Hey Ya! by OutKast.

  The bandmates had mixed feelings about their performance to come.  

  Eric Bean, ‘20 stated his concerns for Friday night. “ We are going to be the first actual band to play there since the building became Ireland’s Pub, but as far as our skills go, we are ready.”

  “I am very excited, but I am also quite nervous. This is our first time playing this venue, so the one thing I’m worried about is the sound set up,” stated Rzeppa.  

 Nathan Wittenberg, ‘20 said, “When I get up on the stage and see all of the lights, I’m not really nervous. But beforehand, that’s when I get nervous.”

  The band members all had their own worries and concerns, but were overall excited to perform.  

 Blurred Opinions members gave an open invitation to Friday’s performance, with high hopes for an outstanding turnout.

  “It’s free entry, they have good food, and you get to see some of your pals play some good jams,” exclaimed Bean.

  “We’re playing a lot of songs that everyone knows, and anyone is welcome to sing along.  So if you don’t have anything going on Friday night, and you want to come and hang out with us to hear some awesome music, then feel free to join us,” stated Rzeppa.

  Bandmates expected a small turnout at the venue, but were overwhelmed upon the arrival of numerous family and friends.  The pub was packed nearly body to body.  Many fans stood throughout the entire set list, and other customers there for the night came to listen.  By the end of the night, there was a full tip jar and a meeting for more gigs.


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