The return of vinyls

The return of vinyls

Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

 People have been developing different ways to listen to music over the years. The vinyl record was introduced in 1887. Vinyl sales were at their peak in 1978; but with the invention of new ways to listen to music, they were forgotten.  Sales returned in 2015 and are becoming a “huge trend.”

  Some people might wonder why they would go through the trouble of buying a record player and records when they can just download songs on their phones.

  Nathan Wittenberg, ‘20, stated, “Personally, I like vinyls because I like living in the past, and there’s a nice empty sound when you put on a vinyl It’s crackly and grainy, and it gives it a different feel.”

  Nicholas Rezeppa, ‘20, explained what originally drew him to vinyls,

     “Originally I had gotten and interest in vinyl from old school hip hop which was the old way of remixing beats on turntables. I the came into a fairly big collection of vinyl from my uncle and that sparked my interest in finding stuff like classic rock and soul and what I really listen to now.”

  Rezeppa, ‘20, also explained that using vinyls is not difficult at all.

  “Once you get the hang of it, I guess the only hard part is having to get up and switch to the other side, that’s kind of a pain instead of just hitting next on your phone, but it is definitely worth it,” shared Rezeppa.   

  A  record store has opened recently in Saint Clair Shores called, Trax n’ Wax. It is located on Harper Avenue and Sunnydale and has become a big attraction. Owner of Trax n’ Wax,  Nick Hewelt is very passionate about his store and has high hopes for it,

  “We were in Gibraltar Trade Center, so we already had everything. But, when Gibraltar closed down, we looked for a place that was not lucky enough to have a record shop near it and we settled in,” responded Hewelt.

  Many people around the city have seemed to like the new store.

  A local shopper, Eric Bean, ‘20, explained, “I have been to many record stores across Michigan, and honestly this one has some of the best prices out of all of them. Some shops try to rip you off, but this store has some really cool owners who give you some honest prices. It is really nice to have a local shop to pick up some great records.”

 Records are becoming easier and easier to find. To play a record you need a record player and they are super easy to find also. You can get a record player at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Urban Outfitters, Ebay, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and many other places. Prices can range from $650,000 to $19.99. If you want a good quality record player for a decent price the Victrola turntable for $44.90 from Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond is a good deal. Records themselves can be commonly found being as low as $1.00, which is a very good price considering one record usually has an entire album on it.

  For some people the return of records has brought a new experience of music. For others, it has brought back memories of the good old days when things were simple, and life was filled with good music and high spirits.