Pistons trade for Blake Griffin


Buddy Desy, Staff Writer

The Detroit Pistons acquired Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers on January 30th. This blockbuster deal included three players and a draft pick from each team. The Pistons received Griffin, as well as Willie Reed and Brice Johnson, whom have both been traded. The Clippers received Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, and Boban Marjanovic.

  Blake Griffin is a five-time NBA All-Star and brings a lot of experience to the Pistons. He averaged 20 points since he arrived in Detroit. Also, since picking up Griffin, ticket sales at the newly built Little Caesars Arena have increased. The Pistons are 5-2 since the trade and are one game behind the last seed of the playoffs.

  Most people were shocked to hear about the blockbuster deal. Griffin said that he did not know of the trade until everyone else did, when he saw the news on Twitter. Many players took to Twitter with their reactions.

  “Blake and Dre on the same team is tough,” said Aaron Gordon. DeAndre Jordan, Griffin’s former teammate, told an interviewer, “It was definitely tough to see him go. I wish him nothing but the best.” Although his old teammates are sad to see him go, Griffin is happy to be in Detroit saying, “ I want to play for a team that wants me. Detroit seems to be that place.”

   Pistons head coach, Stan Van Gundy has expressed his feelings about the way Griffin handled the trade. Van Gundy said,  “I’m actually surprised the way he came in. A guy who’s been the face of a franchise in one place, I would’ve expected a longer adjustment period. But he came in with a great attitude and energy about him.”


What This Means For The Pistons:

  Before the trade, Griffin signed a 5-year $171,174,820 contact with the Clippers. He will be making anywhere from $29 million and $38 million a year in his next four years. Although this does take a lot of cap space for the Pistons, it also means that unless they trade him, Griffin is here for the next 4 years. This gives the Pistons one of the best frontcourts in the NBA. In his first 4 games with the Pistons, Griffin has showed great chemistry with Andre Drummond, who is an all-star this year for Team LeBron.

  To prove that Griffin makes a difference on the team’s chemistry, Monday the fourth versus the Trail Blazers, the Pistons had the most assists in a game since 2010. Also, Drummond has won Eastern Conference Player of the Week award, and on Wednesday he had the most rebounds by a player this season for the whole NBA.

What This Means For The Clippers:

  Although the Clippers lost a star player in Blake Griffin, whom they said was a “Lifelong Clipper” just a couple months ago, they got a solid small-forward in Tobias Harris and one of the league’s best perimeter defenders in Avery Bradley. The Clippers have gone on a winning streak of their own, winning two  games in a row. It seems to be that both teams improved with this trade and they both became solid Playoff contenders in their conference.

  The Clippers beat the Pistons on Friday, the ninth of February. It was a close game with Detroit leading into the fourth quarter. That is when Los Angeles took over and beat the Pistons 108-95.