Peterka saves the day

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Peterka saves the day

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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   For the past seven years, Jim Peterka has been exclusively subbing at Lakeview. Although, he does much more than a regular substitute. Peterka is always looking out for the students, teachers, and other staff members.

  He is very dedicated to Lakeview, because it stood out to him the most.

  “I’ve been in numerous schools, and the student body here is the most respectful that I’ve worked with, and the staff really is exceptional.”

  Just recently, Peterka took over for Alice Gmutza, the school’s previous E2020 teacher.

  E2020 or Edgenuity is an online class that teaches core curriculum and  allows students to pursue credit recovery.

  Peterka has been asked to take on the challenge and fill in as the new educator.

  The class takes place in the media center.

  Martha Savalle, the school librarian, has observed who Peterka is, as not only a teacher, but as a person.

  “He is totally on your team; he’s going to help you pass, and he is just so giving and patient. I wish that a lot of the students would really realize how lucky they are,” explained Savalle.  

  Before Lakeview, Peterka was an FBI agent for 34 and a half years. He has always known that he wanted to work with kids, even though his original job was completely different.

  “I knew that education is what I wanted to do way before I retired. I did a lot of career days in high schools when I was unemployed to see what it was like working with teenagers,” stated Peterka.

  Being placed in this position has brought Peterka many challenges, but he is improving his computer skills even more with help from the staff.

  He explains how at anytime, there are people willing to help.

  Peterka expressed, “I was on the verge of almost being computer illiterate, but with the staff here –  you’ve got Nick Spano, who has taught me more in a few hours I’ve spent with him than in all the computer classes I’ve taken.”

  John Carr, ISS supervisor, has also been a big help with helping Peterka get adjusted.

  “Without all his help, it wouldn’t of gone as smooth as it did,” responded Peterka.      

  Students of Lakeview have really gotten to know and love him over the years.

  Jessica Schneider ‘20 voiced, “He jokes around with students and he makes it fun to be in the classroom, but he also knows that our work is important too, so he is good at keeping the class on task.”     

  No matter who you ask, Mr. Peterka is one of Lakeview’s most devoted staff members, who is always there to look out for everyone. He isn’t afraid to jump into a new challenge and help wherever it’s needed.  Peterka will do whatever it takes to help a student in need become successful. With everything he does, it is easy to see that Lakeview wouldn’t be the same without him.


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Peterka saves the day