Varsity softball gets a head start

Kaitlyn Synder, Staff Writer

   Varsity softball has been given the opportunity to play in two winter tournaments this month. The girls along with their coaches; Steve Corbett, Mike Seccombe, and Mike DeLaCruz, have been practicing every Wednesday and some Saturdays to prepare for these tournaments and, and the regular season which starts March 28. The varsity team will be playing in the MAC White division and will be working to better their record of 11-13 from the previous year.

 On Jan. 14, the girls played three games at Macomb Community College. The games were played on a basketball court using softies with bases taped to the ground and two hitting nets to save the players from foul balls. There was a 70-minute time limit and the three games were back to back. Adapting to the field was difficult, and the girls had to work extra hard to even keep their balance. Every position being played was a series of slipping and sliding when fielding the ball. While the conditions weren’t ideal, the team ended 3-0, and overall, it was good preparation for what would come the following week.

 On Jan. 21, the softball team will go on to play at Saginaw Valley State University on an indoor field with a regular 200 ft. fence, real bases, and a more realistic softball setting. The field is turf instead of gym floor and the ceilings are higher, so they won’t attract every ball hit in the air. The same team from last week will be participating which consists of four seniors, three juniors, one sophomore, and three freshman. Having a somewhat older team puts these Huskies at an advantage for the games to come in the spring season.          

  Four-year varsity player Alex Dozek, ‘18 stated, “It was nice seeing how the team came together in the games on Sunday. It was a glimpse into what the future season will be like, and I’m sure we’ll make it pretty far in playoffs.”

 Savannah DeLaCruz, ‘19 also added, “It was nice to get back on the field with everyone and showing off all the hard work we’ve put in on our off-season. If we continue to prove our growth as a team, I can’t see anyone beating us.”