Student musician tells his story

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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     Growing up in a house of music, Lakeview sophomore Eric Bean has developed a love for creating his own.

  Bean loves all different styles of music, ranging from the late 80s to the early 2000s. His favorite band is Dave Matthews Band.

  “It’s weird but that’s what makes it interesting,” explained Bean.

  He learns a lot about music from his friends and family.

  Bean remarked, “My dad was in a band when he was in high school, and he was a DJ in college, so he has always played a bunch of classic rock for me, which was a big thing.”

  His friends are another major reason that Bean is so involved in music. He is in a band, called Current Situation, with two of his closest friends.

  “My other bandmates like the same music, so we can all share our current favorites and ideas.”

  Being the drummer of a band is a lot of pressure, and comes with many challenges.

  Bean revealed, “The drums basically work as the bands clock, everyone else in the band follows however fast or slow I go. If I mess up the timing, it all goes south.”

  Bean himself has been playing the drums for about 10 months now and has already come a long way. It takes a lot of patience when learning a new song, but with the drums it’s easy to personalize the beat and create the sound you want. Although he is very talented, he gets nervous, just like everyone else, when playing in front of a crowd, but is starting to become more comfortable.

  Nathan Wittenberg ‘20 is Bean’s bandmate and one of his closest friends.

  “A friend is somebody that is there for you unconditionally, someone that gives you hope to keep going, someone to give a simple hug. Eric isn’t just a friend, he’s a role model,” replied Wittenberg.

  Bean is having fun and improving more and more, he sees playing the drums more as a hobby than a career. He looks forward to his future and already has some of it planned out.

  “I want to be a history teacher for high school. I want to have two dogs, one a german shepherd and one a wiener dog, named Hans and Fritz. I also want a wife and three kids. After I retire, I want to be a bartender at a cool fancy bar, like a jazz bar, but I hope to live my life out as a bartender,” Bean added.

  Bean enjoys living in the now, with his music, family, and friends. He has good people in his life that motivate him to pursue what he loves. Also, he is expanding his love for music and playing by practicing and listening to different genres and styles. He is a very welcoming person that has many people in his life who greatly appreciate him. Bean is taking his life and turning it into something to remember, and plans to do the same in the upcoming future.





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Student musician tells his story