Saying “so-long” to our head Husky

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Saying “so-long” to our head Husky

Charlotte Bachelor, Editor-in-Chief

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 I, like many others, in the Lakeview community were shocked and saddened to hear the news of Principal Brent Case’s retirement. Mr. Case was a quintessential  part of the Lakeview experience, just as much as spending a Friday night in the Dog Pound or finally getting to show off your senior shirt at the end of junior year. So in honor of everyone’s favorite principal I have gathered some of the fondest memories: staff, students and alumni have of Mr. Case.

“I was having a bad day, because at the time I was going through a lot. I was in tears and Mr. Case called me down to his office. We had a heart-to-heart for two hours and he told me that high school is only a small part of your life; and, what happens during high school, doesn’t affect the rest of your life. So, I shouldn’t let what people say get me down, because from what he sees, I’m going to go far in life.” -Gjuljeta Biblekaj, ‘18.

“ At his goodbye party, Mr. Case smiled at me and said, ‘I just want to say, I’m very pleased with the way the yearbook has turned out. I think you’ve done a great job, and it looks very good.’ It reinforced the hard work that I’ve been putting into the yearbook, especially as a new adviser. It just  felt nice to be appreciated.” -Sharada Sharp, art teacher and yearbook adviser.

“He was always very supportive of what I wanted to do after high school. He was always very interested in the things I wrote in my creative writing class, and even asked to have a copy of what I wrote. When I won a scholarship at Macomb, he came to the ceremony.” -Brianna Hayes, ’17

“We rapped Hamilton together at homecoming one year.” -Elizabeth Fox, ’17.

“One of the coolest memories I have is from when I was coaching eighth grade football at JMS. Tyson Case, Mr. Case’s son was playing seventh grade football. I remember on a few occasions, he would come over from the high school to JMS, doing his “Mr. Case walk”; he was still in his suit and tie. One time, I looked over my shoulder and sure enough, Mr. Case was teaching a group of kids how to long snap a football. I thought that was really cool, you don’t see too many principals get out on the athletic field that often. That day I saw a new side of him.” -Anthony Savalle, English teacher.

“Whether it was getting the Link approved or anything for E-Board he always turned our meetings into a time to get to know me.” -Abigail Haas, ’18.

As we all can see, Mr. Case was more than just principal. He was the heart and soul of Lakeview and impacted the lives of everyone he came into contact with. We are forever grateful for all the great things he has done here, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Thanks for being a Husky.


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Saying “so-long” to our head Husky