Mantis spends time with family in Greece

Jack Suede, Staff Writer

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   Arianna Mantis was born on November 8, 2000, in Detroit, Michigan. However, both her parents are from Greece, which is where Arianna went over this past summer break.

 The summer of 2017 was a memorable one for Arianna. As soon as school got out, she had to start packing for quite a long trip. Two days into summer, Arianna went on her way to Greece. She flew into Filiatra, Greece with her mom and stayed most of the summer there.

  Arianna spent most of her time hanging out with her mom’s side of the family and some friends in Filiatra. Filiatra is on the coast of Greece, so days at the beach were very common for Arianna and her family.

  Arianna said, “I really just spent a lot of time with family and friends.”

  In August, Arianna’s dad flew into Greece. She and her mom then stayed a week with his side of the family in Karditsa, Greece. The drive from Filiatra to Karditsa is nearly seven hours, mainly because you have to drive around the Gulf of Corinth.

  Arianna commented, “I didn’t care about the drive because I was excited to see my dad and his side of the family.”

  Though she typically just enjoyed family time in Greece, her family did plan a trip to Zakynthos Island while there. Zakynthos is an island in the Ionian Sea of Greece, and it is a popular resort location.

  Arianna stated, “The island has beautiful beaches and caves, and it’s surrounded by cliffs.”

  As her trip came to an end, Arianna packed up and came home from Greece. She got home the very day before school started again. Arianna had a great time in Greece, and she loved all the time she got to spend with her family.

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Mantis spends time with family in Greece