Lakeview teacher spends break in Argentina and Uruguay

Alisia Dinoto, Staff Writer

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    Over holiday break, art teacher, Sharada Sharp visited Argentina and Uruguay. She explained how she felt about the ride.

  “The flight was 9 or 10 hours long. We had a layover in Lima, Peru. I did not enjoy the flight. The airplane was really nice and we went on LATAM Airlines, but I generally don’t like flying,” Sharp explained.

  Even though it was planned as a surprise trip by her husband for their 10 year anniversary, Sharp still did all the booking. They visited the South American countries from Dec 28 to Jan 5.

   “I always wanted to go to Argentina so he surprised me for our 10 year anniversary.  Once he booked it, I did most of the planning and looked up where to go, places to visit and that kind of stuff,” stated Sharp.

  Much of the trip was filled with tourist type activities.

   “We walked around a lot; we probably walked 10 miles every day. We went sightseeing, just normal tourist stuff. We stopped in at cafes, had croissants, and stayed out till 3 in the morning because the city didn’t sleep at all,” remarked Sharp.

  When traveling to a different country, food is a big part of your everyday life. Sharp explained her dinner routine and how the countries food culture was.

  “It was a lot of steak. So steak every meal, even their fast food restaurants at the mall had steak. My favorite meal was something called chivitos (in Uruguay) which was basically a really thick ribeye steak with roasted potatoes and then a fried egg on top,” stated Sharp.

  With every trip comes new memories and new surprises.

  “The most surprising thing was actually our trip to Uruguay. I didn’t expect it to be that beautiful. I just booked it on a lark because I just thought it was something to do to fill up our time.” stated Sharp.

   Although Uruguay is not considered a top 10 vacation spot, it is a beautiful country and Sharp loved it.

   “I ended up falling in love with the city there, the food was delicious, the weather was perfect, and shopping was a lot of fun,” added Sharp.

  Argentina and Uruguay are not the only countries Sharp has been to. She has been to Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, France, and Germany. She plans to expand her travel experiences by taking trips throughout other countries and other continents.

   “We’re going to London in April. We might be going to Amsterdam in May, we’re looking into that right now. We’re going to spain in June with the girls and then we’re going to India in December,” explained Sharp.


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Lakeview teacher spends break in Argentina and Uruguay