Lakeview students gain the opportunity to become a leader

Sara Izaguirre, Staff Writer

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   Lakeview will be offering new classes, one of them will be a leadership class. What created this idea was the fact that student council goes to conference meetings once a year to interact with other schools to learn about different ways to lead the school.

 It is a project-based class, and they will also be covering the six leadership strands, communication, group process, leadership styles, decision making, organization, managerial skills, and citizenship, following the  Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Society’s leadership curriculum. The students will be able to design projects with a team of their own choosing, and will work together to implement their ideas.

   The leadership class will be taught by Stephanie Givinsky who currently teaches physics, and is a part of E-Board . Givinsky loves her role on E-Board and student council.

   Givinsky stated, “I want to build on the work I do involving student council. I’m so proud of what our student leaders have accomplished since I took over as a student council advisor. I thought this would be a great way to give students even more chances to shine at the local, state, and maybe even national level.”

   This class is open to any student that wishes to grow as a leader. The class gives them time built into to school days to test and implement their great ideas that they might otherwise not have time to work on.

   Givinsky loves the fact that student council allows the students to have a better say on what goes on in school.

   “It’s important to empower students to have input into what goes on here at school, and this class is just another chance for students to take charge. I highly recommend students who are on student council, members of National Honor Society, Huskies with Heart, and athletic teams to take this class to continue to expand their leadership opportunities and skills even more.”

   This class will be focused on positive changes students can make in their school and community. The goal is to support each other, grow in our individual leadership abilities, and make Lakeview a better place.

   Givinsky hopes to see many old and new faces in her new class, “I will make this class fun! Students involved in leadership activities say their leadership experiences make the transition to life after high school easier. Any student who wants to contribute in a positive way and is interested in developing their own leadership skills should think about signing up!”

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Lakeview students gain the opportunity to become a leader