Lakeview senior enlists in the U.S. Navy

Rachel Barber, Staff Writer

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Lakeview senior Eva Martin will be going into the U.S. Navy rather than attending college. Joining any branch of the military is a big challenge, but Martin is looking forward to it. She will be leaving behind her “life,” family, and friends to start this new journey.

  “I’m going into the Navy to travel. I was stuck in between college or the military, but I’m not a huge fan of the classroom setting that school provides,” stated Martin.

  The navy offers plenty of benefits that Martin couldn’t pass up, even more than the traveling around the world.

  “They pay for college (after), your house, medical bills, etc. The only disadvantage is that I’ll be away from everything I’m used to,” she said.

  The navy allows for people to take college classes while they are on active duty, and pays full tuition and books if members choose to go to school after they serve for four years or more.

  The people close to Martin have bittersweet feelings about her decision.

  Her boyfriend and Lakeview alumni of ‘17 Darius Mayer said, “It goes right along with the career she wanted to pursue, but my only concern is the fact that she has an overseas contract. It’s a scary thought knowing she’ll be halfway across the world. However, she’s very strong-minded. She’ll do well.”

  Although Martin ships out to boot camp July 25 this summer, she’ll still be in contact with Mayer.

  He said, “While she’s in boot camp I’ll be able to write her, and then when she’s in A school I’ll be able to talk to her more and even visit.”

  The Navy stuck out to Martin over other military branches due to the freedom.

  She stated, “I chose the Navy over the others because you can pick your job before you enlist. With other branches, if you even get a choice, it’s after you enlist.”

  Getting ready to go into the Navy comes with a lot of training and preparation.

  Martin explained, “Twice a month I fill out paperwork of what I’ve been doing and I get a height/weight check in. We also have physical training (commonly known as PT) to prepare for boot camp. The trainer is a Navy Seal, so it’s pretty intense.”

  Although the preparation is fierce, her recruiter, Petty Officer Ryan Panchenko, has full faith in her potential.

  He said, “She’ll be a great fit. She has an incredible ‘can-do’ attitude, and she’s not afraid of the path that lies before her.”  

  Going on about the preparation that’s involved in joining the Navy, Panchenko explained, “I’m her mentor and guide through this whole process. She’s been training since the moment she joined. She attends Delayed Entry Program meetings twice a month in our naval office, along with us going to schools and other places to spread knowledge.”

  Future sailor Martin is more than excited to start her life on this new path. Many students at Lakeview think it’s college or nothing, but that is far from the truth. There are several other options, and Martin is taking advantage of it and joining the military. If anyone is interested in looking into a branch of the military, the Navy is a great one to look into. Several students from Lakeview have joined/are joining the Navy, such as Eva Martin, Krissean Brown, Jordon Harris, and Kris Brown.

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Lakeview senior enlists in the U.S. Navy