Julia Martin awarded student of the month

Sam Bursteinowicz, Staff Writer

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  Student of the month is an award to be proud of, and every month one student is selected and named for the selected time. It is given to a student who has been viewed as going above and beyond what is normally expected of them or making an extremely positive change throughout the course of the year.

  During this month, five students were nominated: Gjujleta Biblekaj ‘18, Anna Decker ‘20, Brendan Hicks ‘21 , Julia Martin ‘19, and Riley Maison ‘21. Then, from that group of students one is randomly selected. The winners name will appear on the school’s announcement board outside for the month.

 When receiving this award, it is an acknowledgement from a teacher saying they notice the hard work you have been putting in to school.

  For the month of January, Julia Martin, ‘19 was picked. She was nominated by AP Statistics teacher, Tracy Kalinowski.

  Martin was very shocked she was selected but was also very happy. Her hard work had paid off over the past few weeks.

  “In my AP Stats class, I was not doing very well. But, then I started to work really hard in that class, and I brought my grade up,” said Martin.

  She knew Kalinowski had noticed her improvement but never thought she would have selected her for the position.

  As part of being student of the month, Martin received a free Jimmy John’s lunch that is provided by the school and Martin thought it was very exciting.

  “I was not expecting to be nominated,or even to win, but getting a free lunch was really cool and it has been fun so far,” explained Martin.

  Senior, GJ Biblekaj was also nominated for student of the month. Biblekaj was nominated by yearbook teacher, Sharada Sharp. She believes it was because of the hardwork and dedication she has been giving in the yearbook course.

  “I have been spending a lot of extra time outside of class to meet the deadlines that we have for the yearbook. It takes a lot of dedication,” said Biblekaj, ‘18.

  Sophomore, Anna Decker was nominated by history teacher, Shane Smith. Decker has been working hard throughout the entire course of that class and thinks Smith acknowledged that.

  “ I always turn my work in on time and do well in Mr. Smith’s class, so I think that’s why he nominated me.” said Decker.

  Martin, Biblekaj, and Decker plan on continuing their hard work throughout the rest of the year. Student of the Month is something anyone can achieve with the correct effort.

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Julia Martin awarded student of the month