Wondering if the movie “Wonder” is worth it?

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Wondering if the movie “Wonder” is worth it?

Alisia Dinito, Staff Writer

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   Over the past month students have went and seen the movie Wonder. Many students said this movie was heartfelt and inspiring while others have different opinions.

  Wonder, based on the New York Times best seller came to theatres Nov. 17 and is rated PG. This movie is centered on August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade at a mainstream elementary school for the first time. August meets both cruel bullies and lifelong friends; his supportive family is always there for him even though August tries to push them away at times. This movie has clear positive themes and messages about kindness, friendship and empathy.

  Senior, Madison Klimowicz shared her thoughts about the movie.

  “This movie was emotional, uplifting and funny. I felt everything for August. It was enjoyable and pure,” expressed Klimowicz.

  Wonder’s reviews got an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and on IMDB, the movie received 8.1/10 stars.

  With Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and more influential actors this movie had potential and good reviews off the bat. Senior Calle Laprairie shared her opinion about Wonder.

  “Although the actors were great in this movie, I feel like the movie was just predictable and cliché. It was a sweet movie though,” stated Laprairie.

  Throughout many elementary schools in the area, teachers are providing the opportunity for students to read the book Wonder. One teacher at Greenwood Elementary, Chad Scott shared about his students.

   “We have to read Wonder as part of our curriculum; students often get upset when we have to stop reading for the day. Only about 10-15% see the movie.” stated Scott.

   This movie promotes many themes throughout the movie and book including kindness, empathy, and friendship.

   “Students are really receptive to the theme of kindness and there is a change in most students after reading it.” added Scott.




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