Lakeview automotive program prepares for upcoming competition

Abby Haas, Staff Writer

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As the spring of 2018 is approaching, the Lakeview High School automotive program is beginning to prepare for a radio controlled car competition held in Ann Arbor at the MCity Test Facility.

  This will be Lakeview’s fifth year participating. Automotive teacher James Schneider was invited to this event by Chippewa Valley High School automotive teacher Joe Hart, who is head of the competition.

  Lakeview is also working alongside ‘Square One Education Network’ on this project. Square One gives grants to schools to provide innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs. Along with giving Lakeview an RC test car, Square One also granted $750 to make renovations to the car.

  Junior, Noah Bloss is in charge of the project and is a three-year member of the automotive program.

  He stated, “Square One gives us a ‘stock car’ and a grant. From there we use the grant to build onto the car to test the car’s speed, durability, suspension, wind resistance, and basic things like that.”  

  Although the competition is not until May, the auto shop is already preparing for this event.   

  Schneider stated, “The kids have to do an outreach where they are required to reach out to 100 young people and showcase what they are working on.”

  Bloss added, “We hope we can go to the middle school and have an assembly to show the kids what RC racing is all about. For the elementary schoolers, we think it would be a cool idea to put the cars in ‘training mode’ and have the kids play around with them.”

  Last year, the program received first place in the presentation category of the competition. This year their goal is to win in a category that involves racing the car.

  With all aspects of this operation coming together, the students are looking forward to bringing an exceptional car to the competition to showcase what the Lakeview High School automotive program is all about.

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Lakeview automotive program prepares for upcoming competition