Girls basketball players work to break school records

Mark Mullins

Rachel Barber, Staff Writer

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Seniors Alicia Bullaro and Seanna Saccone have created personal goals for themselves for their final season of high school basketball. Bullaro is working to top the amount of three-pointers scored in a single game, while Saccone is trying to take the most charges in an entire season.

  The current school record for scoring the most three-pointers in one game is eight, held by Leah Charrette, alumni from the class of 2014. The record for the most charges in a season is nine, held by Nicole Broderson, alumni from the class of 2012.

  Both girls have come close to breaking each record, which is what caused them to work harder towards each.

  “I didn’t know I was close until I scored seven three-pointers at Fitzgerald High School last year (2016-17 season). Coach was the one that told me what the record was,” said Bullaro.

  Both seniors have been working to break each record since the mid-season of their junior year, when they realized it was in reach.

  “I want to be remembered. If I can break a record, why not do it?” said Bullaro.

  “I want to beat Nicole’s record because I’m not getting ran over to take charges for nothing!” said Saccone.

  Bullaro often goes to practice early to work on her shot, so that in a game, it can be spot on every time. She has reached even higher than the record itself and wishes to score ten three-pointers in a game.

  “I want it to be unreachable. I want to destroy the record,” stated Bullaro.

   Their teammates fully support their goals to break these records, and do what they can to help.

  “We feed Alicia the ball whenever the opportunity comes up. We trust that she’s a good shooter and want her to take every open shot she has,” said teammate Erika Kirkland, ‘18.

   Trying to break school records comes with challenges. It’s important that neither girl tries to force it, as Saccone’s attempts of charges can result in fouls, and Bullaro must be able to know when she has an open shot. However, both players are four-year varsity players that know the game. Saccone knows when she can take a charge, and Bullaro is able to read the defense to know when she’s open.

  Luckily, there are two months left of the season for both girls to achieve their goals and to make history.

  The girls varsity basketball team is 8-0 in their season. They play Chippewa Valley next at home on Tuesday, Jan. 9th at 7:00pm.

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Girls basketball players work to break school records