Lakeview’s mock trial team is working their way through their big case

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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  Every Thursday after school from 3-4 in chemistry teacher Kristine Hill’s room, members of Lakeview’s mock trial team practice their arguing and debate skills to help prepare for their upcoming court case.

  The club was originally started by Spanish teacher Jeffrey Kaspari.  Now, Hill has been running the club for four years.

  “If you like to argue, if you like to act or just work with other students and want to learn about the law, there’s all sorts of different things that the club offers for people,” stated Hill.  

  The club really works to get Lakeview students interested in the law and what goes on during a court case. Many people don’t know about this club, but it has a lot to offer. Members do not have to be serious about choosing this as their career, it’s also just meant for having a fun time.

  Each year, the team is given a new case to prepare for their trial. It alternates between a civil or criminal case. A civil case is a lawsuit, while a criminal case is questioning whether or not charges are being brought on by the state.

 Hill further explained, “The cases are both pretty difficult and they write the cases in a way that’s very ambiguous, so it’s really difficult to tell who’s guilty, innocent, or what side you should be on.”

  The team was given their case in October, and their trial is set for March 3rd.

  The team can consist of 10 people, but this year’s turn out was very strong, so there are about 15 members and some serve as alternates or understudies.

  Caroline Oster, ‘20 is a returning member. This year, she has the role of a prosecuting attorney.

  “It definitely takes a lot of teamwork between attorneys and witnesses, and I think we’ll do better this year since we know what to expect and how to prepare,” stated Oster.

  To help prepare even more, Judge Joseph Oster, Caroline’s dad, comes in to help coach the team, along with an attorney who can share real experiences with the members.

   As the team gets closer to the tournament, they will often get together twice a week and sometimes meet at the St. Clair Shores Courthouse to practice the weekend before.

   Charlotte Bachelor, ‘18 is one of the leaders of the team. Since she is a long-time member, she works to help new teammates and assists Hill with organizing the case.

“The purpose of the club is to get students interested in civics and how our legal system works. If you are going into law it’s a perfect opportunity, but even if you don’t, it’s a great chance to learn how our judicial system works and how to conduct yourself in court, so I think it’s a good exercise in critical thinking,” explained Bachelor.

  Connor Wolf, ‘20 shared, “The club offers real life practice with debate, acting, and learning the requirements and thought processes of lawyers.”

  This team consists of all different types of people who have different interest. It’s a really great way to argue and debate with others over very interesting topics. Also, it is very professional, but members still have a great time with their friends.

  “I think because a lot of people on the team this year did it last year, we will have a better experience and do good, but either way, I know we’ll have fun,” remarked Wolf.

  Mock Trial allows all students to interact in a different environment and gives an opportunity to learn a lot, and make memories.





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Lakeview’s mock trial team is working their way through their big case