Students train indoors for spring track season

Rachel Barber, Staff Writer

 Lakeview track athletes face difficulties training for their spring season because, in Michigan, you can’t run on a snowy track or pole vault inside of a high school’s gym. Fortunately, a couple athletes have discovered an opportunity to train at real meets. These athletes have decided to form an indoor track team with official practices and a couple meets to prepare for their upcoming season.

  Macomb Community College often hosts track meets at their indoor athletic facility for anyone to participate in for a small fee. Any athlete can participate to work on their skills.

  Lakeview alumni, John Paul Messens, ‘17 is planning to attend some of these indoor meets to pole vault. Messens was a pole vaulter throughout most of his high school career.

  Junior, Libby Anderson stated, “We’ll be attending around three meets at Macomb for sure, but there’s also rumor of going to a few meets at Saginaw Valley State University. Nothing’s super official yet.”

  Some track athletes, such as senior Maddy Klimowicz are training and running on their own.

  Although the team consists of all Lakeview students, it is not restricted to them as students from other schools are welcomed to practice and compete. Practices consist of running distance and strength training.

  Junior, Libby Anderson said, “About seven kids are on the team but we’re looking to add more. It’s open to anyone that wants to train for fun or for the upcoming season!”

  Savannah Pasella, ‘18 added, “It’s really open for anyone. We even have about three middle schoolers on our team that want to get better.”

  Training before the actual season is important for any sport. There are several benefits to conditioning and getting extra practice.

  Anderson stated, “It’s important that we keep training to get in the groove. It gets rid of the ‘first meet jitters’ we all often get.”

  Attending these meets will also be beneficial to the athletes because they’ll be competing against many of the same people they will see during the season.

  Anderson went on, “It’ll be a lot of club teams, but people we see during the season. We’ll see kids from Grosse Pointe, Detroit, South Lake, and Lake Shore. They won’t be more prepared than us for the outdoor season.”

  Although this indoor track team isn’t extremely official, every athlete on it is working hard to benefit their upcoming outdoor season. They practice about 4-5 times a week directly after school, and if you’re interested in joining or just getting a good run in, you can attend these practices.