Huskettes come to an end…again

Alisia Dinoto, Staff Writer

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  Tryouts were held for the Huskettes dance team on Nov. 2-4 for students interested in being part of the team. After days of hard work, the students were hit with devastating news.

    About 15-20 students tried out but bad news came quick when they were told that there would be no team due to personal reasons affecting the coach. Freshman Natalie Carlisi shared her thoughts.

  “I was told that the coach couldn’t put enough effort into the team. She did say she lived around Princeton and it was hard for her to come over here and spend a lot of time on the team. I’m kind of disappointed that it didn’t work out,” stated Carlisi.  

For many years, the Huskettes have brought smiles to the students through pep assemblies, football games and basketball games. With a new coach, this year promised to be a new and improved season for the Huskettes.

  Although the students have mixed emotions about it not working out, this wasn’t the only way they could get out and dance. Many students who tried out said they dance in a studio. Senior, Keziah Eggert shared her dancing career.

  “I dance at Turning Point and I have been for 14 years, so I would say I’m dedicated to it. I’m disappointed it didn’t work out because its my senior year and I was looking forward to it,” shared Eggert.

  With no confirmed news on why the coach left so suddenly others have heard different reasons on why she left.  

  The Huskettes was a great team for students to have fun and dance and show the school their talents. Alumni, Hayle Hayes explained how she feels about the Huskettes not happening this year.

  “Huskettes was a big part of me. I feel bad for the students who don’t get to experience it this year and especially the seniors as its their last year. I hope next year works out.” explained Hayes.

  Hopefully next year with more steps to improve and dedication the Huskettes will have a team in place.



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Huskettes come to an end…again