Fashion design class comes to life

Katilyn Snyder, Staff Writer

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   While we have a wide variety of art classes, there has yet to be a class that pertains to designing clothes.

  Art teacher, Kathryn Sezniak has a goal to form a fashion design class to expand the art department for the upcoming years and make it available for those students who are interested in it. Unfortunately though, it takes more than just a request to make it official.

  Sezniak stated, “It has to go through several levels to become approved. It first has to go through Principle Case, then on to all the other teachers in the building. Once it passes them, it then goes to the district and school board.”

  If this unique new design class is approved, it would be a great opportunity for the students.  

 Sezniak added, “I think it would be really interesting for students and something that will help them in their future lives. I read a statistic that 70% of young people today cannot even sew a button onto a shirt.”

  Being an art teacher, Sezniak has several students that take particular interest in the idea of art and fashion.

  “I have a lot of students that are interested in altering their own clothes and shoes, and that would even be willing to help the class and donate old clothes, yarn, and sewing machines.”

  One student interested in this class is Casey Lee, ‘19.

  Lee included, “I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew and be able to design any type of clothing in my own way. Taking a class anywhere else would cost money, so having it at school would be convenient.”

  If and when the class is made, it will be a beneficial and unique class that will need the cooperation of the teachers and students.

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Fashion design class comes to life