Winter formal dance in the makings

Sam Bursteinowicz, Staff Writer

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Student Council has come together to plan a winter formal dance. A group of students got together and worked with Principal, Brent Case,  to find a date that would work. So far, all deadlines have been met and a  DJ has been approved.

  “Student Council does so much throughout the year, we were a little unsure about planning another dance; but if we have students willing to work for it, then we will support them,” said Stephanie Givinsky, E-Board adviser.   

  The dance will be like the homecoming dance. A formal court and a spirit week will be put together to go along with it. The Friday night game preceding the dance will be a girls varsity basketball game.

“The intentions of the dance are to have it replicate Homecoming, except it will be during the winter instead of the summer” stated Gj Biblekaj, Senior Class President.

  For the dance to become official, three hundred pre-sale tickets need to be sold during the week after Thanksgiving. Three hundred presale tickets is the set number, because that is the number needed to break even to pay for the DJ, photobooth, and other necessities.

  “I really hope the dance becomes official, it would be a another good memory for my senior year.” said Kaitlyn Snyder, ‘18.

     In the past, a winter formal dance has never been successful. The last time Givinsky recalls students attempting to plan a winter formal dance, only about 200 students bought their ticket. Student Council tried to host a Glowcoming three years ago but not many students were interested. Student council is hoping that the turnout this year will be better than previous years.

  “I really hope we are able to sell enough presale ticket so we can have a dance. It’s my senior year and I want to make a lot of great memories.”

     Student Council has already got the date approved. If the break even number is met with tickets, the dance will be held on Feb. 3, 2018 at Lakeview High School from, 7pm to 10pm. . During the week of Jan. 29 through Feb. 2, a spirit week will occur.

  Seniors a part of Student Council are working very hard to plan the winter formal dance. It will still take a lot of planning and the students need to put in their part by purchasing their tickets in late November.

  “I think it is a great idea to get everyone together for another time and have a dance. The winter is so cold and bitter, we need something to look forward to,” said Susan Culver, math teacher.


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Winter formal dance in the makings