Girls varsity basketball invited to Calihan Hall Tournament

Alicia Bullaro, Staff Writer

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   The girls varsity basketball team has been invited to play against Regina High School in the Calihan Hall Tournament on Dec. 2.  Lakeview’s game is scheduled to start at 3:30 with other games taking place all day.  

  The team was invited by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) to play in the tournament in June of this year and head coach Joe Charrette excitedly accepted.

  This is the first time that a Lakeview team has been invited to the tournament. This invitation is a very big accomplishment for the basketball program.

  Charrette said, “The non-Catholic schools that are invited usually have to be pretty good. So we’re getting recognized and it was quite the honor to get an invitation.”

  The girls are very excited about this opportunity as they will be playing on the University of Detroit Mercy’s, a Division One school, home court.  

  “I’m really excited to play on a college court because it might be my only chance ever.  I can’t wait,” senior Seanna Saccone stated.

  The team will prepare for this game the same way they prepare for every game.

  “We’ll be prepared.  We will have a scouting report.  We will have their personnel well- defined and our game plan will be good,” Charrette said.

  They will, however, take advantage of the incorporation of new plays for this game to avoid being scouted themselves.

  Assistant coach Garry Chitwood stated, “Because it’s early in the season, I think that we’ll put together some things that they haven’t seen when we played them in the summer.”

  The team played against Regina in the Utica Ford summer camp and were very successful in that game.

  The girls feel that they will be very prepared for this game.

  Freshman Kayla Austin stated, “We’ll be really prepared because we’ve been working hard all summer.”

  Although this is the first time Lakeview’s program has been invited to play at Calihan Hall, Charrette does not plan on it being the last.

  He said, “Our success the last few years is being recognized. Now we have to sustain it and that’s my job. I have to sustain a great program every year and not every now and then because I want a good program every year.”

  The Huskies hope to be very successful when they play at Calihan Hall and for that success to continue throughout the whole season. They will also scrimmage Port Huron Northern High School on Nov. 20. The first regular season game for the Huskies will be played on Nov. 29 at South Lake with a starting time of 7:00.

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Girls varsity basketball invited to Calihan Hall Tournament