Should there be an age limit to trick or treating?

Eric Bean, Staff Writer

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  The question of “How old is too old when it comes to trick or treating?” always comes up in conversation during the Halloween season, and it bears many different opinions.

  On Halloween, kids and teens usually decide whether or not they should go trick or treating. Most kids stop trick or treating between the ages of 12-16, but many people trick or treat up until the age of 18 or 19. Some kids and teens support the idea of no age limit to trick-or-treating because they believe that you can be any age to be able to receive candy, as long as you are respectful. Other kids believe that there should be an age limit to trick-or- treating because it will allow more candy to be distributed to younger kids, and because it’s immature for older kids to be out trick or treating.

  Nick Rzeppa, ‘20 stated, “I think there should be an age limit because I don’t want to see a six foot tall Spider-Man at my doorstep wanting a piece of candy. I believe that once you reach a certain age, you should let trick or treating be enjoyed by the younger ones. I think it’s totally fine to go to costume parties and hangout with friends, but at 15, you won’t see me going door to door asking for a fun sized candy bar, when there’s a five year old next to me asking for one too.”

  Other teens in our school, like Lili Webb, ‘20 have different opinions on this topic. “I don’t think there should be an age limit to trick-or- treating. At this age, we could be out doing worse things like drinking our doing drugs, but instead, we are out with our community and building relationships with our elders. Also, there are kids who have disabilities that may make them look older than their actual age, so to refuse them the right to receive candy would be disappointing. Lastly, some older kids may have to go trick or treating with their younger siblings, so they should be allowed to enjoy the fun with them.”

  Nathan Wittenberg expressed, “Why would we have an age limit to getting free candy? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. If I want free candy and i’m respectful, I should be able to get it.”

  Although kids and teens have mixed opinions, most adults are one sided on this topic. Adults typically agree with the fact that there should be an age limit to trick or treating, for a couple of reasons. One reason is because most older kids they see trick or treating on Halloween night are disrespectful towards other trick or treaters, and adults. Another reason why they agree with this topic is because they feel sympathetic towards the younger trick or treaters, who potentially receive less candy because of the older kids.

  Local resident of St. Clair Shores and mother of two, Jane Tuppert, expressed, “I hand out candy every year, and whenever I see an older group of kids come towards my doorstep, I get a little nervous, because they usually look like troublemakers. I don’t like to hand them candy if they aren’t dressed up, it takes away from the Halloween spirit.”

  Most adults are one sided, but some, like James Fent, another local resident of Saint Clair Shores, believes trick or treating should be for all ages. He stated, “I believe that if someone wants free candy one day a year, they should be able to get it; Age shouldn’t matter.”

  Though there will more than likely never be an actual law as to how old you have to be to be permitted to trick or treat, the argument always seems to work its way into people’s conversations during the Halloween season.

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Should there be an age limit to trick or treating?