Late starts for Lakeview

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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  Schools around Michigan are beginning to change their schedules to have weekly late starts.

  For example, Grosse Pointe North and Grosse Pointe South have school later every Monday. Once a week, their school day starts at 8:42 rather than 8:00. The extra time is used for the staff to meet as a Professional Learning Community to improve student achievement.  

  Lansing School District is another area in Michigan that is contributing to late starts. Every Wednesday they have a two hour delay for more training time for teachers.

  Lakeview has a couple late starts a year for parent-teacher conferences. School is delayed for four hours and 45 minutes. This is meant for parent-teacher conferences, but students greatly enjoy this day because it allows them to sleep in and have time to go out with friends before class.

  Shealyn Wolfe, ‘20, strongly supports the idea of having a weekly delayed start.

  “I feel like it would help me catch up on school work or anything that’s due, and it gives time for teachers to grade assignments, which I think is pretty cool.”

  While having these special days a couple times a year is nice, it would be even better for them to happen more often at Lakeview.

  Ethan Vancoillie, ‘20, would greatly appreciate the extra time in the morning.

  “It would give me time to sleep in and eat breakfast without rushing to get out the door.”

   Late starts do not just give students time to sleep in, they also improve teenagers concentration in classes.

  Studies have proven that the sleep mechanism in teens prevents the brain from naturally waking up before 8 a.m. If school has a later start, even just once a week, it will improve the focus in students for that day because their minds will be ready to comprehend the new information.

   Some parents are even on board for this change in routine.

  Caryl Balon, a Lakeview parent, stated, “I think that these kids would greatly benefit from a late start, it gives them something to look forward to in the middle of the week, and gives parents a break from drop off.”

  There are some consequences that come with pushing back school once a week.  

  In order to maintain the required hours needed for a school year, time would be added to each school day.

  Also, transportation might be difficult for some families. This means that transportation would need to be provided in order to make the delay convenient for everyone.

  Although these are negative effects of a late start, it doesn’t bother everyone.

  Wolfe also explained, “Class already goes by so quick, so the added minutes probably wouldn’t be noticeable.”

  Since the students and parents of Lakeview are all on board, it is time to consider adding late starts to the schedule for next year. Teachers and teens would both benefit from having an extra day during the week to take their time in the morning and relax a little. It has been working for a variety of other schools all over, and it’s time for us to consider the change.


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Late starts for Lakeview