More than just a hunt

Cody Brown, Staff Writer

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 To some waterfowl hunting is more about shooting ducks and geese rather than the actual meaning of the sport so many love. Hunters have changed throughout the years and in my opinion some have turned for the worst.

   There are duck hunters and there are duck shooters, both have completely different meanings. Ducks shooters are folks who think that hunting is about the kill rather than enjoying the sport like a gentleman. If they don’t kill any ducks then it’s not a good hunt. These are the folks that many of our modern hunters have come to be. Also many think that they need to have the best of the best gear. The young people look down on us older hunters because we still believe in good ole fashioned values  and still use hand carved decoys, wear canvas coats, or use gear from year’s past in order to keep traditions alive.

  Duck Hunters are the good ole boys who keep the true meaning of the sport alive. We believe in treating the sport like a gentleman. In the late 1800s and early 1900s (market gunning days)  the sport was treated as a gentleman sport by men wearing nice clothing, smoking a pipe, having respect for each other and the sport itself. If someone you’re hunting with shoots at a duck or a flock and they miss don’t start making fun of them that’s something a duck shooter would do. Hunting isn’t about killing ducks and that’s what makes hunters and shooters differ so greatly. Harvesting ducks and geese is like extra credit/ bonus. The true meaning of the hunt is about being in God’s country spending time with family and friends on the water or the field.

  Some of my best hunts were days I didn’t even pull the trigger. Just listening to stories of the past hunters and the way it was back in the glory days of gunning. Hunting is a sport that will change your life for the better. Being in the great outdoors will make you look at life much different and appreciate the values of life. From the early morning wakeups to the placement of decoys in the early sunrise is something every duck hunter loves and what brings us back again and again.   

  This sport has changed my life greatly by making me appreciate what I have in life and for me to be thankful that I have the great opportunity to hunt in the great State of Michigan.

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in the good values of waterfowl hunting and that it will change your life for the better. Once we realize that there is more to hunting than killing ducks we will begin to appreciate the sport more and become a true duck hunter.

  “Treat waterfowl gunning like a gentleman’s sport, it will pay you back ten times over” -Cody J. Brown       


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More than just a hunt