The connection between coach and player

Mark Mullins

Mark Mullins

Joe Richter, Staff Writer

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 The emotions set in as boys varsity soccer head coach Simon Miners had his last son finish his senior soccer season at Lakeview.

 Miners has coached soccer for almost 19 years. During that time, all three of his sons have passed through Lakeview’s varsity team, and his youngest Simon Miners, ‘18 just finished his final season here.

 “It is always an emotional time when the seniors play their last game. It was certainly much more emotional for me this year. Knowing I don’t have any more of my children to coach at high school is a little tough, but I have many years of memories with all three of my sons,” stated Miners.

 Coach Miners has not only coached his sons since they were kids, but also many of the other seniors as well. He has coached them on and off since elementary school including Joe Richter and Matt Vrana.

 “It’s very strange to stop and think back to how small they were back then and now they’re as tall or taller than I am. I would like to think that I perhaps had something to do with how they turned out as players and that they still enjoying playing soccer. This has also made it an extra emotional year for me. Saying goodbye to these young men that I coached as little boys,” stated Miners.

 Each year coaches have to say goodbye to young men, and allow them to move on with their life even if it’s not part of a sports team. They must push through those emotions and focus on preparation for next year’s team and the challenges that they will face.

 This last season for boys varsity soccer, a majority of the team was seniors: Brandon Demand, Matt Vrana, Simon Miners, Jace Dryman, Tyler Mrowczynski, Nino Ferreri, Andrew Demmon, Drew Gulewicz, Aaron Smith, Joe Richter, and Jake Belmore. It will present new challenges for next year’s varsity team that will consist majority of  underclassmen.

 “I believe the biggest change we will face next year is that we don’t really have a leader because this year all the seniors were leaders and they are leaving, so someone will have to step up whether it be next year’s seniors or even younger classman.” stated Tyler Gerbasi, ‘21, a freshman who played on varsity.

Time and time again these boy have faced adversity which turned them into mature young men. Now they must face their last challenge of high school sports which may be the hardest for them all. Most of the seniors have played together since they were little, and now they will no longer be playing together which may hit home. They will move on with their lives away from the connection of the sport they hold most dear.

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My name is Joe Richter, and I am a junior. This is my first year writing for the newspaper at Lakeview. Some things I enjoy are snowboarding/skiing, hiking, and traveling. I play soccer competitively for a travel soccer team and for Lakeview High School.
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The connection between coach and player