The adoption of Noah Pasternacki

NICOLE CIAVONE, staff writer

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Noah Pastermaki, ‘20 was born on Dec. 20, 2001. He attends Lakeview High School  and is a sophomore. He loves coming to school because not only does he love to learn but he knows that it is a safe and wonderful environment to be in.

  Noah Pasternacki was adopted by Paula and David Pasternacki. Although Paula did remarry to Bill Rodzos.

  His parents Paula, Bill, and David had an emotional reaction to his adoption.

  Paula stated, “I was crying, I was so happy. He was perfect, The other adoptive parents at the hotel took pictures of me when they finally put him in my arms. It was a dream come true, the day they brought him to me. I was pacing around the hotel lobby just waiting for his foster mom to pull up in the taxi.”

  Bill stated, “I love Noah. I want Noah to love and respect me. And I love Noah’s sense of humor and easy going personality. “

  David said, “It was one of the best things that I could have done for me and Noah. He had a head full of the most beautiful hair of a 6 month old baby.”

  It’s not often that you may hear about someone who is born in a different country like Guatemala. They celebrate some of the same holidays as Michigan but not like Christmas and Easter (Easter is a very big holiday in Guatemala). They also celebrate Dia De Los (Day of the dead), where they celebrate people who have died.  The food is also very different and expensive there. They eat a lot of tortillas. They make a lot of their money in the country from coffee and jade sales. Finally it’s a very religious culture.

   Although it did take eight months to get Noah and take him home. Paula and David started the process in Oct. of 2000. They were matched with Noah because they didn’t have children for adoption just yet, so they got matched with Noah Jan 26, 2001.  

  They filed an application, and had three home visits. They then traveled to Guatemala to meet with their lawyer and meet Noah when he was three months old.  Finally, they went back  to pick up Noah when he was six months old. Before they left with Noah,  they had a meeting with Noah and the lawyer with the people at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala. Then they had to send reports about noah’s growth and development to Guatemala’s once a month for a year after he came home the first time around.  After having to go back one more time to clarify they can have Noah, he finally came home.

  Most people like Noah probably would have never thought that they would be adopted.

  Noah stated, “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be adopted. And I find it very cool, but I would like to go back because I would like to see what’s it’s like in Guatemala. I never thought that I would be adopted. I adjusted to everything very easily because they would not treat me differently as they would anyone else.”

  Most people that are adopted don’t really get a lot of information about their biological parents because when you adopt a child, you are now their guardian.  

  Noah stated, “I would not want to talk to my biographical parents, but I would like to try and spend time with them to get to know them and understand more as to why they put me up for adoption.”   

   Noah Pasternacki, was born in Guatemala. And that’s something that you hear often especially in Guatemala since it’s a poor country. This is for people to relate to, being born in a different country and to share the similarities between where they were born. Despite being born in a different country Paula, Bill, and David have put a significant amount of effort into loving and caring for Noah.  

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The adoption of Noah Pasternacki