Lakeview’s throwing team warms up before official season


Mark Mullins

Leah Sargant, Staff Writer

  As of Oct. 2, throwers from Lakeview’s throwing team have been getting together to begin conditioning for the upcoming spring season.

  The official season does not begin until the second week of March, but these practices will help the team prepare for the months ahead.

  The sessions are run by Spanish teacher, Jeffrey Kaspari, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They are typically in either the weight room or the back hallway near the art classrooms.

  “The throwers need a lot of weight room time before the season starts because once the season starts, we’re too busy to lift,” stated Kaspari.

  During his high school days, Kaspari ran the 800 and participated in hurdles.

  Although Kaspari didn’t throw in the past, Anna Ganey, ‘20, a thrower on Lakeview’s team, exclaimed, “Kaspari is a great coach because he pushes us to do our best during practice and at meets, but also lets us have fun and jokes around.”

  Workouts in the weight room and stair exercises can be very helpful to improve speed and strength.

  Ganey’s favorite event is discus. This event is when the athlete throws a heavy and weighted disc and then is scored based on its distance. To prepare, the best areas to focus on are your abs and hips. Core strength is very important in all field events.

  Track offers a variety of events to categorize yourself in. The field events are very important, but often less focused on, even though they are difficult and require deep focus. They differ from the running events because their scores are based on distance and weight. Runners are scored based on their times.

  The head coach for the sprinters is Dan Cheney, who teaches business education.

  Alyssa Gudenau, 20’, sprinter, has been giving the throwing workouts a try,

  “They help me stay somewhat in shape and grow stronger so that when the season comes I haven’t just been laying on the couch.”

  “Throwing is really fun because you get to measure every time you throw your progress. It’s a great way to know if you are getting stronger. And the team is really fun,” described Kaspari.

  Track is a great option if looking for an exciting co-ed sport. It has events for those who are fast runners, distance runners, throwers, hurdlers, high jumpers, etc.

  Also, it’s perfect to focus on your personal goals as an individual, because it’s all based on your own score. At the same time, everyone still is like a big family and push each other to improve each time.

  “One of the greatest things about track is that by the end of the season you will not even recognize your own legs,” Kaspari added.

  While track is very laid back and independent, it teaches athletes to focus on themselves but to also work together with their team. If looking to excel, as a thrower, in the upcoming season, it’s very important to prepare ahead of time and begin training now. After school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the weight room.  This will help to increase body strength before actually competing. Not only will it benefit your health and scores for the spring season, but it’s also a great way to bond with your team and make new memories.