Lakeview students are raving about NBA 2K18

Brendan Sheardy, Staff Writer

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The new NBA 2K18 officially released on Sept. 19. Over the years, the 2K games have been the most popular sport video games in the market. The new 2K18 has received mostly positive reviews: 4.8/5 on Google. Lakeview students expressed their opinions on the game.

  The most praise the game has been receiving is that the gameplay is greatly improved. Students say the game is much easier to play, and that it makes the game much more fun to play.

 David Peddicord, ‘18 said, “I like the game. I think it is much easier to play than 2K17; the movements and animations are much more fluid and the buttons are much more responsive, which makes it much more fun,”

  Another feature that has been improved on is “My Team and My Packs”. My Team is a gamemode where you can build your own team by winning games, gaining coins, and buying player cards to further improve your roster. My Packs are a feature where you can buy a pack that contains about 10 player cards. Dalton Schiffler, ‘19 has expressed that they feel there is a much more variety of players to choose from in the packs you buy.

  “You have more of a chance to get a better player or a better ranked card since there is more variety in the packs,” said Schiffler.

  However, there still are a few things the game could improve, such as the shot meter. The shot meter is a little bar that tells when to stop pressing the shoot button so you can have a better chance of making the shot.

  “Sometimes it moves way too fast,” said Kyle Wright, ‘19, “and if you get it perfect, you still miss the shot all the time.”

   Also, a common controversy with these games has been many students who believe there are many players who are overrated, and also many who are underrated.

  “Kemba Walker is overrated,” says Wright, “Sure, he puts up 20 a game, but he doesn’t put up any rebounds or assists like Mike Conley does, who is also an 87.”

  “Russell Westbrook should be rated at least a 95 over Steph Curry,” says Peddicord, “He basically carried his whole team to the playoffs and won MVP, so he should be higher than Curry.

  Overall, the game is very popular with Lakeview students, along with high schoolers around the world. You can play NBA 2K 18 on the Xbox One, Ps4, and on PC.

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Lakeview students are raving about NBA 2K18