Lakeview powderpuff breaks streak of visiting team winning

Alicia Bullaro, Staff Writer

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   On Sept 30, the Lakeview senior girls prevailed over Lake Shore in the fifth annual Powder Bowl.  They took on the Shorians at Lakeview and shut them out, resulting in a final score of 21-0.  This home victory is the very first in the history of the Powder Bowl, breaking the streak of the visiting team winning the previous four years.

  Although not many of the girls in the class of 2018 knew about this streak, they were very excited that they were the class to break it.  

  Seanna Saccone, ‘18, who played running back, stated, “I didn’t know about the streak until practice the week before the game, but I was glad that I did find out because it made me even more determined to win.”

  This win was not only important to this year’s seniors, but alumni who played against Lake Shore in previous years.

  Ally Powell, ‘15, whose team won her senior year at Lake Shore, stated, “I’m so happy for the girls for winning. And I’m even more happy for them because they got the win on their home field.  It’s great that Lakeview was the school that finally broke the streak, and I’m so glad it was them and not Lake Shore.”

  This was a very meaningful win for the Huskies, as explained by Senior, Lauren Wynn, who played middle linebacker,  when she said, “Breaking this streak means a lot to me because I’m kind of part of a legacy.”

  This will hopefully be the beginning of a new streak, one where the Huskies leave the field with a victory every year.

  Saccone stated, “I really hope that teams in the future can continue the streak that we have seemingly just started because I love it when we can beat Lake Shore no matter what competition it may be.”

  As for teams in the future, this year’s seniors, while hoping that they keep the streak of Lakeview teams being victorious, had advice for underclassmen.

  Senior, Alex Dozek, who played outside linebacker, stated, “Go to all the practices you can and work hard.  It’s such a good feeling to play well and win, especially against Lake Shore.”

  Maddy Klimowicz, ‘18, also had some advice for future seniors playing powderpuff to ensure that they have a great time.  She said, “Just laugh at the stupid drama and have the time of your life the day of the game!”

  The senior class of 2018 is proud to be the team to break this streak and to hopefully start a new one. They are also confident in teams to come that they will be successful and can get a victory themselves.

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Lakeview powderpuff breaks streak of visiting team winning