Lakeview student attends the grand opening of Little Caesars Arena


Jennifer Laukonis, Staff Writer

  In Dec. 2012 the Detroit Red Wings announced their plans for a new arena.  From there, the Detroit Pistons reported their alliance in Nov. 2016. Representatives wanted to make the location of all Detroit sports teams downtown, which led them to the decision of demolishing the previously used arenas. Little Caesars Arena had its grand opening on Sept. 5, and student Natalie Kade, ‘20 was there to experience the event.

  Fans received their grand opening tickets in many different ways, and Kade got her tickets from her dad.

  “I went because my dad’s work gave him tickets to see the grand opening of the arena and walk inside to see what it looks like,” stated Kade.

  The event took place as an open house to the fans. Fans could try the many food options, such as pizza, prime rib, coney dogs, and more. Also, everyone could sit in the stadium, or even just admire the architecture. It was a way for fans to get to get to know the arena.

  When it came to walking throughout the arena Kade said, “The arena seemed like it was never ending. It was super spacious and had so many things such as restaurants, statues, and more. I would say it is somewhat different from Joe Louis. It is just opened up, so everything is brand new,” she mentioned.

 According to Olympia Entertainment CEO Tom Wilson, Little Caesars Arena has “the best sight sight lines for hockey.”

  With the arena’s steep layout, there are not any bad seats.

  “You’ll notice the overhang on the second level and the third level. It’s all designed to bring people as close to the action as they can be,” mentioned Wilson.

  Before visiting Little Caesars Arena, many citizens question how the seating arrangements compare to Joe Louis and The Palace. While Little Caesars can seat up to 22,000 people, Joe Louis seats estimate to 20,000 and The Palace seats 24,000.

  “The seating arrangements are crazy but really awesome. There were about up to four levels of seating, and there were a few seats that could probably touch the ceiling,” Kade mentioned.

  Although Kade experienced the pleasure of seeing Little Caesars Arena before anyone else, many have yet to see its beauty.

  “I’m not too familiar with the arena, but it looks pretty cool. I absolutely love how it’s in the heart of Detroit, and I hope to check it out sometime,” mentioned Alyssa Langley ‘20.

  The Little Caesars Arena is now officially open, as it has hosted its first major event on Sept. 12: the Kid Rock concert.