Do Lakeview students and staff like the new iPhone X?


Jack Suede, Staff Writer

The iPhone X and all its new features were announced on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theatre, and it will release on November 3. The iPhone X (aka iPhone 10) was introduced along with the iPhone 8, skipping an iPhone 9, because it has been officially 10 years since the first iPhone was ever released on June 29, 2007.

  Students had mixed opinions on the iPhone X. One of Apple’s biggest new features was wireless charging, but the phone had to be made of all glass for this feature to be made possible. Apple claims that their glass is six times stronger than previous devices, so the capability of charging without a cord should please iPhone users.

  Brendan Sheardy, ‘19 stated, “I think the idea is good… but I’d rather have a steel back without wireless charging because knowing Apple, their glass always breaks, so even if you dropped it on its back it would still have a chance of breaking.”

  Government and Economics teacher, Emmanuel Haratsaris said, “I do like the idea of wireless charging. I’ve been places where I didn’t have a cord, so wireless would be very beneficial to me.The back of it doesn’t matter to me a whole lot, and the look of it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world.”

  The iPhone X now will have a full glass display, removing the thick borders around the screen. The resolution and quality of the display is the best Apple has made for a phone, but they completely removed the home button and replaced it with a “swipe” to get home.

  Sam Mackool, ‘18 said, “I’m very used to the home button, so it would mess me up a bit. I’m sure it would be cool,  it’d just take a lot of time to get used to.”

  Sheardy stated, “I like the home swipe, but I don’t like the whole fullscreen. I think it makes the phone look ugly and too much like a Samsung.”

  Apple has integrated a high tech face recognition system into the iPhone X that has multiple purposes. The new Face ID method to unlock the iPhone X is a great step in technology for Apple, but its reliability is questionable. Animojis allow the user to make their facial expressions appear on an emoji as a video to send to others.

  Mackool said, “I think the Face ID is sweet, but say you have a twin, that could be a problem.”

  Haratsaris said, “The face recognition does seem pretty cool. If it’s necessary or unnecessary will depend on how you use it.” Haratsaris went on about the animojis stating, “Whether I use it or not, it does seem like a cool feature.

  The iPhone X and its many new features were liked by some and disliked by others. We won’t be able to get a true feeling for how it will perform until November 3, when it will be made available to the public.