Lakeview science department shines light on the positives of this school year

Jessica VanDerMaas, staff writer

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   In the moment, physics, chemistry, and biology can seem intimidating. However, after a full semester, students and teachers are relieved to have achieved successful yet again. Reflecting, many have made noted  the highlights experienced in the 2016-17 school year.

Classroom Activities

  Stephanie Givinsky’s physics class enjoyed applying their knowledge to a newly-introduced Rube Goldberg project in which they had to create a multistep machine that completes a chain reaction-like process to accomplish one simple task. The students made note of the energy transfers taking place within the machine as Principal, Brent Case, and Assistant Principals, Heather Huber and Scott Kapla, enjoyed watching.

  “The kids get to be creative and have fun while working on assignment,” Givinsky stated..

  Paul Wilkins, physics teacher, made note of the gravitational pull lab his students enjoyed. Both semesters, Wilkin’s class made their way outside to the football press box where they got to stand at the top and launch bowling balls out as far as they can. Upon doing so, they’d time and calculate their projectile height.

  Wilkins stated that in order to keep kids thinking and interested, he’s always “makes new [labs] and tweaks old ones”.

  Gianna Morin ‘19, stated that when she had Steven Nicholl as her chemistry teacher this year, she enjoyed the Litmus lab. In the lab, students had to discover the pH levels in acids and bases by distributing them onto litmus paper and analyzing the color change.

  In Kelly Boone’s biology class, students relished in crafting their eco columns, a project where several bottles were assimilated together in which grass, mushrooms and snails grew as fish swam below in the bottom of the bottle assortment.


 This year, the physics class’ curriculum altered. As teachers like Stephanie Givinsky introduced lessons, she noted that she was grateful that they were patient with her as she too was learning something new.

  Boone mentioned that the science department changed the way it was structured and instead of memorizing facts it was rather more about thinking, processing, and doing.

  Boone stated, “My students totally did a great job at that… they totally rose to the occasion.”

Memorable Moments

 Emily Carlton ‘19, stated that she was amused that whenever her biology teacher, Boone, would answer the classroom phone, she’d say “Kelly Boone, Trying to teach science!”

  Morin stated that she took away funny memories from her chemistry class like when her teacher Nicholl would jokingly leave the classroom because he’d “get annoyed with us”, Morin laughed.

  Boone, as her class’ eco-columns project was in action, accidently knocked down a student’s project. From there, Boone described it as a domino effect.

  “There were fish on the ground and I was just picking them up with my bare hands sobbing uncontrollably,” Boone laughed.


  Givinsky noted that this year she had “a lot of inquisitive students”. “About half of my class stayed focused, which is really good, and they’re asking a lot of questions.”.

  Wilkins likes to emphasize the importance of each student, quoting the sign that hangs above his classroom door, “‘Through these doors walk the best students in Macomb County and in Lakeview’- and believe that.”

  Lauren Bresky ‘19, stated that when she attended Kristine Hill’s chemistry class, her and other students from the back of the classroom, such as Hayden Coffman, Andrew Nitoriano, Madeline Bhadrak, and Lilian Caulalcheck created a group chat thread to help each other with assignments and answer questions.

  “We would all tell chemistry jokes so it was really funny,” Bresky added.

  As the school year comes to an end, the science department proves to have performed well this past year. Great job everyone and happy summer.

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Lakeview science department shines light on the positives of this school year