Here’s to the Summer

Jessica Vandermaas and Cody Brown, Staff Writers

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   As many anxiously anticipate, summer is quickly approaching with just a few days left in the 2016-17 school year. We’ve survived- some of us more than others- through thick and thin. We have persevered in doing so, whether or not challenges arose from Mr. Smith’s questionable load of homework in history class or Mr. Kedrow’s “leg day” in PE.

  In worldly news, political elections, English attacks, significant deaths, and climate change didn’t even bring us down.

  Most importantly, the 2016 presidential election was one of the most intensive ballot in US history. On November 8th, Donald J. Trump took the win with ever so slightly more votes than his competitor, Hillary Clinton. The backlash from the public is still roaring months later as Trump is in office.

  The Penguins won the NHL playoffs against the Predators on June eighth and the Chicago Cubs won against the Cleveland Indians on November second. As for basketball, Warriors defeated the Cavs in June 12th’s NBA playoff game.

  Tragically, in the 2016-17 school year, we lost talented faces. Debbie Reynolds passed at the age of 84 a day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, who died at 60 on the 27th of December. We too lost musical genius Chuck Berry, creator of records like “Johnny B Good” and “Run Run Rudolph”, who passed at 69 on March 18th. Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers died on May 27 at 69. May these influential people and other rest in peace.

  In lighter news, MTV awarded Emma Watson the first ever gender neutral award at the MTV Movie Awards named “Best Actor” for her role in ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

  As for school news, the year was kicked off with a unique assembly on the second day of the rock band Attaboy speaking and performing songs like ‘Use Somebody’ by The Kings of Leon and ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by Walk The Moon.

  The senior class of ‘17’s  girls took the win at their powder puff game as guests against their rival, Lakeshore High School, on September 21st. The official Lakeview Varsity team also won the rival home game against Lakeshore September 23rd.

  The St. Clair Shores community musical, hosted here at Lakeview, put on a performance of  ‘The Little Mermaid’ during weekends in March. Leads like Riley Connell ‘18, as Ariel and Nick Height ‘18, as Eric, will never experience a performance like they did this year.

-Jessica VanDerMaas


  Now that summer vacation is here you still need to be your best everyday. Don’t be running with the wrong crowd, stay true to yourself and try to stay out of trouble. Remember to always do the right thing.. Also remember to enjoy yourself and have fun.  

  Advice for students this summer:

  • Get a Job and make money, don’t rely on your parents for everything, they won’t be here forever  
  • Read books and practice writing to keep everything fresh
  • Save your money!
  • Make smart decisions, they may help your life now and later down the road
  • Don’t get to rowdy and stay out of trouble
  • Be yourself, don’t be like someone else, fill your own shoes.
  • DO NOT: Smoke, Drink, or  take Drugs, you can have fun without doing these things.
  • Spend time with your family, you’ll be happy you did later in life
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself on this summer vacation


                                       See you next year

-Cody Brown

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Here’s to the Summer