English and foreign language teachers reflect on the 2016/2017 school year

Katie Fisher, staff writer

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   Throughout the 2016/2017 school year, teachers created close relationships with students. Teachers shared funny, inspirational and touching highlights that happened through the year.   

   Spanish teacher Lori Hand stated, “We do a special project for Day of the Dead where we do a competition. Students do a project of a dead celebrity and then compete on which one is the best. It was nice because they could work together on a grand art project. Once the project was over, I was so impressed by them they won a pizza party.”

  Having fun memorable moments, and projects is what makes the school year so much better. Hand also did another project with the students that was one for the books.

   Hand stated, “Around Mardi Gras, we had a float competition, where students make a float and then we went around room 111 and other classes came to vote which is best. To my surprise, I had 250 students come to look at the floats; it was very exciting,”

  Freshman English teacher, Anthony Savalle also shared some funny moments in his classroom. The class got to read Romeo and Juliet, but also got to share a good laugh. Savalle stated, “We didn’t have a lot of volunteers that wanted to read aloud. Luckily, Jude Hage volunteered to read the part of Juliet, while Even Rochan played the role of Romeo for a whole semester. They started to love it and became our own little Romeo and Juliet.”

  English instructor Brian Burnett, talked about the excitement he has to be teaching an advanced placement English class again. It has been a while since enough students had signed up to want to take an advanced english class, but the time has finally come. Burnett stated, “I’ve been preparing to teach AP English for the last 16 years. I haven’t gotten to teach AP in three years, and I’m excited to finally get the opportunity to do so. The class is hard, but it’s fun, there will only be one class full of students. I think it will be a great time.”

  Lastly, English teacher Kurt Miley talked about some highlights that happened through the year. Miley held competitions in his class where students get in groups and compete with other students on the same book. The competitions get pretty serious and students get very competitive.

  Miley stated, “The competitions are very entertaining. This definitely helps kids prepare for the test and quizzes and gets kids more involved in the book. There would always be someone who really got competitive and wanted to win. If they win, they get out of an essay of their choice. Most students worked very hard to do so.”

  Throughout the year, students get the chance to create new relationships, learn new things and make new memories. This school year has definitely been a memorable one, and people are excited to see what’s to come.

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English and foreign language teachers reflect on the 2016/2017 school year