The highlights in the 2016/17 math department

Dante Hage, staff writer

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With the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year, there are so many memories to recall throughout the course of the year. One area where many of these memories were made would be none other than our Math department. Here at Lakeview, our teachers know how to teach math the right way, and also have fun while doing so.

In Tracy Kalinowksi’s class this year, she took on the challenge of teaching AP Statistics for the first time. At first, she felt a little unsure on how things would turn out, but in the end it was well worth it.

Kalinowski stated, “In the beginning it was a drag because I had to get all new notes and all new tests. Also, I didn’t really know how I was going to approach teaching it.”

Also, in Kalinowski’s classroom she played many games to go along with statistics such using as cards and dice.

She stated, “The kids really learned statistics from games better than they did out of the book. We also had fun while doing so.”

Another teacher, Ben Haberek, had a lot of good times this year teaching Algebra II.

He stated, “When you have a good group of kids and you’re learning, you always have fun. This year I couldn’t really say that there was a standout moment because every day students were laughing and having fun.”

Cody Brown, ‘19, expressed the way he felt about Haberek’s class this year.

Brown stated, “ The students that are in the class is what makes this a unique class.There is no favorite funny moment that stands out because everyday it was always something new that was funny.”

In Sue Culver’s Pre-Calculus class students enjoyed a “Pi” day on March 14.. On that day students could bring in a pie to receive extra credit for the class.

One of her students Rachel Barber, ‘18, expressed how much she liked Pi day and the class as a whole.

“I really liked Pi day because, it goes to show how fun Mrs. Culver is and how much she really cares about her students. The class as a whole was easier than I thought with the help of Ms. Culver.”

Another one of her students Avery Harwood, ‘19, stated, “I would have to say that this  year in Pre-Calc I had more fun than all of my previous math classes combined.”

it is safe to say that the majority of the students and teachers made many memories they will never forget. In addition to making memories, students had the opportunity to have fun while learning a lot of important material.




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The highlights in the 2016/17 math department