Memorable moments made in Lakeview’s Electives classes

Abby Haas, staff writer

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With the school year coming to an end, many teachers and students are reflecting on the most memorable moments of the school year. Teachers have created strong bonds with students throughout the year that have led to funny, inspirational, educational, and absurd moments.
In the physical education department freshmen gym teacher Julie Humphries reflected back on a funny moment from the first week of school.
She stated, “My gym class was playing softball, and I heard a girl call me off of a pop up ball. As I go to back off the play, I see a boy in the corner of my eye charging at the ball. Next thing you known he trucks me into the ground, I rolled, and stood right back up. It was pretty funny.”
Another gym teacher who teaches individual sports, Sam Herr, shared a story that was much more suspenseful.
He stated, “We were in the diving unit during individual sports. I had a student, Kenny Hope, who wasn’t sure if he could swim but jumped off the diving board anyways. Next thing you know, I am in the deep end saving him from drowning.”
Aside from the gym department, health teacher Amanda Decker shared a story with inspiration.
She stated, “One of the most memorable days that we’ve had so far this year was when we had our guest speakers from F.A.N (families against narcotics) come in and talk about their struggles with drug use and how they’ve overcome them. It’s a great eye opener for the students and they really enjoy it.”
The students in Decker’s health class can also agree that this was one of the most memorable days.
Sophomore Showgo Yoshida started, “listening to the guest speakers from F.A.N. was one of the best days we’ve had in health class. It really is an eye opener to how serious drugs can get and how they can affect someone’s life.”
In the Art department, Junior Jessica Luckett shared her favorite moment.
“I made a very good group of friends in my art class this year, so I looked forward to going to class everyday to laugh with them. I hope our bond never breaks when the school year is over.” Luckett jokingly continued, “even though we weren’t the best at art, we helped each other out through the semester and pushed through until the end.”
Senior Grace Valentic stated, “Jessie was one of the people I became close with in art class second semester. I hope that even though I won’t be going to school with her next year, the friendship we created will last a lifetime. Same with the others that made me laugh every single day in that class.”
With the school year coming to an end, hopefully the bonds made and moments created this school year will live on forever for teachers and students.

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Memorable moments made in Lakeview’s Electives classes