Desiree Puroll prepares to attend the University of Washington

Jessica Whyte, Staff Writer

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  Senior Desiree Puroll plans to go to the University of Washington because it will give her the best opportunities to eventually work at Microsoft. It will provide her with more access to Microsoft since their headquarters are located in Washington. She has not been accepted to the college yet, but applications are available to fill out Aug. 1. She plans to take the fall semester off and was unable to apply any earlier. She thinks that she will be able to get in since she mets all the requirements. If she gets accepted for the winter semester, she can still be considered a freshman at the school.

  Puroll is leaving her family and friends to go to Washington, but will not be alone. Her uncle will be there to help her whenever she may need it.

  Puroll’s best friend, Angela Swierczynski, ‘17 shared, “I think that is will be a good thing for her to travel. Since she will not totally be alone, it will be a good experience for her and help her to not be so sheltered by her family. It will help her see more of the outside world than she has.”

  Leaving her family and friends behind will be a hard thing for her to do, but she has to in order to pursue her career.

  Swierczynski shared, “Our friendship will probably be negatively affected at first since we can’t see each other. That will make us miss each other more and bring us closer together. It is like the saying you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

  Puroll said, “I am going to miss all of my family and friends. I will even miss my dog, but once I am there for a while I will be okay. It will take me some time to get used to it.”   

  Puroll wants to major in computer science and end up at Microsoft as a video game programmer. This college will help her achieve that goal because many colleges in Michigan don’t offer majors in that field.

  Puroll stated, “If I only majored in game design, I would be in a hole. If I major in computer science, than I will be able to have more skills and will be more rounded when I get a job at Microsoft.”

  Many of the classes that she has taken in high school have helped her discover what she wanted to do as a career and the things that she is truly interested in.

  David Cody, accounting and world history teacher, has had Puroll as a student for two years and thinks that going to the University of Washington will help her.

  Cody stated, “I think that she had worked hard in high school and I think that she will do well there. It will be good for her to do something that she may not have done if she decided to stay in Michigan.”

  Puroll concluded, “I am looking forward to getting a new start since no one knows me in Washington. It will help me make new friends and I will be able to create myself again.”  

  In the end, she is going to move and try to pursue what she really wants to do.

Hopefully she will be determined enough to obtain the goals she has set for herself.

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Desiree Puroll prepares to attend the University of Washington