Lakeview students honored at Macomb County All-Academic banquet

Charlotte Bachelor, Staff Writer

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  Three Lakeview students have received the county’s top award for academic achievement. Seniors, Olivia Charrette, Zachary Allor, and Liam Browning were recognized among dozens of other students at the Macomb County All-Academic Team banquet on April 27. The All-Academic team was formed by The Macomb Daily and Macomb Secondary principals in 1986 to give kudos to high achieving students. Lakeview is a Division I school, and students are considered for this honor if they meet the following requirements: a 32 on the ACT or 1400 on the SAT, and a 3.8 or higher cumulative GPA.

   Olivia Charrette is no stranger to receiving high academic honors. Last year she was nominated as one of Channel 7’s Best and Brightest high school seniors. She feels that making the All-Academic Team has inspired her to work harder.

   “This award has definitely inspired me to work just as hard in college. Even harder than my peers, because I will be a music major and in the Honors College. Those commitments take  a lot of extra time and practice ontop of typical classes. I was the only recipient majoring in music. That pushes me to be the best I can in what I do, just like all those future engineers and chemists and scientists who will also work hard to be the best in their field,” stated Charrette.

   Liam Browning felt that his entire academic career prepared him to be a recipient of this award.

  “I worked hard in all my classes and tried to get A’s in all of my classes all four years. I tried my best to get a good score on the ACT by taking multiple practice tests,” shared Browning.

   Browning also went on to share ways interested students end up on the team.

   “Make sure you do well on standardized tests, since that’s a big part of the scoring they use for it. Try your best in your main core classes,” stated Browning.
   Sarah Seccombe, ‘17, a friend of Browning’s, thinks he is extremely deserving of the award.

    “I think he deserved it because he is able to maintain a high GPA while balancing AP and Macomb classes all while succeeding on the ball diamond,” explained Seccombe.

   Browning, isn’t the only student who has friends proud of his achievements. Abby Haas, ‘17 is proud to see Zachary Allor be recognized for his achievements.

  “It’s cool to see Zach be recognized because he works so hard. It’s nice to see him get recognition for all he does,” commented Haas.

  Allor also was very pleased to be recognized and provided his advice to students who want to attain similar success.

  “I’m very happy that all my hard work over the past four years has gotten me recognition at the county level. My advice would be to always strive to be the best you can in whatever you do. If you do that you can achieve what you’re aiming for,” shared Allor.

  Both students and teachers can agree that more students who achieve high academic honors should be given more recognition. English teacher, Anthony Savalle, shared his thoughts on why giving high achieving students is so vital.

  “Anytime you recognize students on an academic level, it’s beneficial. You’re rewarding them for years of hard work and showing them their work was really worth something. It serves as an incentive for students [underclassmen] to work hard,” commented Savalle.

  He further went on to explain why it is critical to give these students more recognition within the school.

  “When I think about the students that have been All-Academic these past few years, I realize I don’t know who they are until this news comes out. This news should go out in all forums. We know our school’s top athletes by name; it would be nice to know these high-achieving academic students by name as well,” shared Savalle.

  The Macomb County All-Academic team is a yearly event. If students are interested in making the team and representing Lakeview at this high academic level they should focus on having a high cumulative GPA and doing well on college entrance exams.

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Lakeview students honored at Macomb County All-Academic banquet