Lakeview baseball sweeps Lakeshore

Dale Stanley, Staff Writer

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The Huskies are city champs for baseball this year, they beat Southlake 8-4 and swept Lakeshore in three games.

  • Game 1: Huskies beat the Shorians 8-1
  • Game 2: April 19 game got rained out in the third inning. Game is picked up on April 25 Huskies win 8-4
  • Game 3: Huskies win 9-2

  The boy’s baseball team is off to a hot start this season as they hold a record of 14-2.

  Scott McGregor, head coach, commented on his team’s hot start.

  McGregor stated, “We’re playing well right now. Our bats are getting the job done, we’re scoring, and our fielding has been almost perfect. We’ve never started this well in the past. Since I’ve been a coach here, we have never even won the series let alone swept Lakeshore.”

  The Huskies hot start is no coincidence. They have worked hard in the offseason during winter workouts and continued their hard work during practices.

  Evan Fennell, ‘17, a team captain on varsity, explained why he thinks the team is having a successful season.

  Fennel explained, “Everyone gives their best effort in practices and games. We have great team chemistry which allows us to have a lot of fun on and off the field. We also are looking to complete our team goals.”

  A few of their team goals are to win their league, bat a .300 average as a team, and win half of their tournaments.

The team’s batting average is just under .300 and they are 5-1 in their league. As for the tournaments they have just won their first home tournament taking place at Princeton (the Huskies home field) where they beat three teams each by nine runs.

  Liam Browning, ‘17, a team captain on varsity, spoke about how this year’s team compares to last year’s team.

  Browning stated, “Compared to last year, we have much more team chemistry that gives us the confidence to win games and to be successful on both sides of the ball. In hitting, our whole lineup is balanced, and we can trust out hitters in the bottom of the lineup to get the job done. Similarly, on defense, we aren’t as affected by errors because our teammates pick each other up, and this allows us to stay in control of the game and not let everything snowball out of control.”

  The baseball team has an early advantage in their season and hope to continue their hard work to complete their goal of winning the league.

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Lakeview baseball sweeps Lakeshore