Tiger’s off to a good start without a solid bullpen


Dale Stanley, Staff Writer

  The Detroit Tigers are 8-5 so far this season. They have played the Chicago White Sox (1-1), Boston Red Sox (3-1), Minnesota Twins (2-1), Tampa Bay Rays (0-1), and the Cleveland Indians (2-1). The Tigers are looking to improve from last season’s record of 86-75.

  The bullpen pitchers have given up the most hits and runs in the league.

  The Tiger’s bullpen consists of seven players: Warwick Saupold, Anibal Sanchez, Kyle Ryan, Alex Wilson, Shane Greene, Justin Wilson, and the closer Francisco Rodriquez. Players are being both brought up and sent down to the minor league team. Bruce Rondon was sent down to the minors after a poor outing against the Red Sox in the 8th inning on Sunday, April 9.

  Joe Jimenez made his major league debut April 13 for the Tigers. He came and pitched a single inning for the Tigers while striking one out and giving up zero runs. Jimenez is supposedly the future for the Tiger’s bullpen.

  The Tiger’s have continued to struggle with their bullpen since the beginning of the season. Once their starters come out it’s a battle till the end of the game. The bullpen has given up a total of 34 runs and 58 hits in recorded games this season.

  They may be struggling in the bullpen, but scoring runs doesn’t seem to be a problem. The Tigers are averaging 4.23 runs per game. Thanks to the Tiger’s run support leading up to the crucial innings when the bullpen is needed the Tigers are able to hold on most of the time for the win.

  However, Tiger’s fans are concerned for their favorite team’s bullpen during the rest of the season.

  Alex Heck, ‘18 doesn’t like watching the middle of games because of relief pitchers.

  Heck stated, “I think they should fire them all and get new guys.”

  Ken Stanley, a fan of the Tigers, loves watching Tiger games or listening to them on the radio; but when the bullpen is called, he gets stressed.

  Stanley explained, “The Tigers had a year to fix any issues with their bullpen and made zero changes. The same guys are throwing and giving up hits and runs. They need to rebuild their staff if they want to continue to win.”

  The Tiger’s closer Francisco Rodriguez, also known as K-Rod, has saved five of the six games he has been chosen to get the save. Rodriguez now throws about 88 mph in his 16th season in the MLB. Most closers today throw high 90’s and even 100+ mph.

  Justin Brassfield, ‘18 commented on the Tigers closer K-Rod’s performance.

  Brassfield stated his opinion, “K-Rod gets the job done but that won’t work against good hitting teams. The Tigers would be really good if it wasn’t for their bullpen.”

Fans worry about how long his save percentage will continue, but as of now K-Rod is the Tiger’s closer.

  The Tigers need to look to move some players around to either bring in new young pitchers or look to trade or release some bullpen pitchers.